Zero entry swimming pools in Taipei

Where can I find a zero entry swimming pool in Taipei? i.e. graduates from zero depth, or has steps entering the pool, not a ladder. I am hoping to find one in the Da An/Gongguan/Shida southern area of the city to use as part of my recovery from spine surgery, and ladders are no good to me at this stage.

(I did a search and although found other threads on swimming pools in general, I didn’t find an answer to this question, so I hope starting a new thread is ok).


I think the sports center on ren-ai near the CKS memorial has steps on the right side of the huge 50 meter pool in the middle part. Thats the side where they teach kids to swim. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall steps there. YOu may be able to enter there, but will have to change lanes as those first lanes are kiddie lanes .

Is Muzha too far for you? The pool on the Muzha side of Bao Chao bridge (Mu-Shin Rd) has steps down into the pool, and there is a changing cubicle right next to the pool for those who can’t walk up the stairs to the main change area.

Another option would be to call Wanfang Hospital and find out where the pool they use is. I think it is near NTU but I never made it there. It is designed for rehabilation use and they offer classes for expectant mothers, so it could well be suited to your needs. (As in easy to get into, not implying you are a pregnant woman!)

The pool at Nangang sports center has a ramp, I presume it’s for people in wheelchairs.

Thanks so much everyone for all the suggestions!

As a follow up, I tried out the first pool suggested, Zhong Zheng Sports Centre (中正運動中心) on Ren’ai (or 信義路1段1號 for taxi drivers). It’s open 6am-10pm and has a Mandarin-only website

The pool was great! It was heated to 30 degrees C, and had a ramp entry on the right hand side, which did go into the swimming school lanes but I just ducked across between swimmers. The lanes were sign-posted for swimmers of various speeds.

It also had a separate step-down entry spa area, which was slightly warmer, with all sorts of water jets and waterfalls for massage, including a lie-back water jet massage bath area. I saw a sign somewhere for a steam room but didn’t find it (although I didn’t look very hard either).

Thanks again everyone!

Where is this exactly? I’m looking for a local pool, (although I have no special mobility needs). What are the prices like, do you know?

Bao Lisha,

Have you been to the one that’s free, Muzha Rd Sec 4? I posted information some time ago, here is the link:

It’s well worth a visit.

As for the other one, I need to find the exact address. Do you know where the firestation is at the end of MuXing Road, right near Bao Chiao (Bridge)? It is about 20 meters along from the firestation, same side of the road. It’s now about 180 per swim if you buy a single ticket, with discounts for tickets or term-membership.

That free centre sounds great, Asiababy, thanks!

You posted that info 4 years ago though. It’s definitely still there and still free for locals?? I haven’t happened across it, but I don’t live very far away, so I’m interested! Anything free is a big plus too!! :laughing: Esp as we’re living partly from our UK funds via an international access account and the exchange rate is not going in our favour just now… :popcorn: :s


Yes, it’s still there. And it’s free. It’s part of the deal for having the trash plant in the area or something. You need to have proof of your address to get in free.

Cheers! Will check that out v soon.

No probs with proof of addy, I have an ARC. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to post another zero-entry pool option. The pool at Wan-Hwa Sports Center in Shimending has a ramp up to the main entrance, an elevator to pool level, a dedicated change room by the pool, and a chair that you sit in and get lowered into the pool on the outside swim lane. Entry to the pool is 110TWD for adults. The pool is clean and there slip-proofing around the poolside.

The center is behind Fushing Elementary School Shimending branch, near the corner of Chungsiao West Rd and Chung-Hwa Rd. The center also has a nice kids’ pool, free playroom, paintball, golf, climbing wall, and even spinning classes.

There is also a zero entry pool at Being Sport in the Taipei Bus station. It is great because there is rarely anyone else there.