What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Anyone around here watch it?

What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—
Game of Thrones with Mandarin Subtitles
What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—
What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—

Can't stand it. Desperate Housewives is better.


I love it.

It just won an Emmy.

Fantasitc characters with depth. Very well written IMHO.

Great social commentary on the right wing in the early 1960's

Fantasic set and costume design.

The last season just ended with the threat of the Cuban missle crisis looming and everyone running home to be with their loved ones.

Everyone is constantly boozing and smoking in the show. Times sure are different in the 21st century.


Now there's the breaking ground in inane vapid petulance.


I watch it and really enjoy the show. Kind of reminds me of Six Feet Under, but not as preachy.

Agree that it's well written and the characters are very interesting.

Saw that January Jones on Jimmy Kimmel not too long ago. She's definitely not like Betty in real life.

Who is your favorite character? I know everyone is supposed to hate Pete cause he's a tool but he's probably my favorite. He proved that he is loyal to his mentor...but will it last?


I hate Pete, but I didn't know I was supposed to. I do appreciate the lousy hand he has been dealt though. He and his wife deserve each other. In a way, I probably "hate" everyone on the show except for Peggy though she is worthy of hate too. My favorite characters right now are Peggy Olson, Ken Cosgrove, Joan Holloway and Duck Phillips. Other characters rotate in and out except for Peggy. I also fondly remember lesser characters like Rachel and Jimmy Barrett. Salvatore is pretty good too but they haven't done much with his character.


It's got echoes of Glengary Glen Ross. I think you're supposed to be revolted by the characters in some way.

I always think it is funny how attitudes have changed in terms of safety & health. All the smoking and drinking in the office. When one of the kids puts a plastic bag over her head, the mother only scolds her about messing up the dry cleaning. No seatbelts in the car...etc..


Interesting point about Salvatore. I thought they were totally going to take that in a different direction, but seems like they're saving it for later. The thing about these characters is that they can all go in a different direction and keep people interested.

Duck Phillips is a pretty smart guy but he has to answer to the creative power of Don Draper and that really puts a bug up his ass.

Peggy is also a favorite of mine. She's really learned the ropes well and applies herself. It was interesting at the beginning when the men weren't very open to her because she was an intelligent girl, but then she learned from Joan how to play on more on their terms...and got the big office!


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The show seems to be the exact opposite of Six Feet Under. Where on SFU it seemed like someone on every episode would have some long, drawn out confessional speech and they'd often talk in psychobabble, the characters on Mad Men repress everything. I think there's a lot more drama in, say, seeing Peggy's inscrutably blank face as her pastor exhorts her to confess to her sins than that psycho sex addict on Six Feet Under whining about her parents.

I guess we'll have to wait until next season, but now that Duck is back on the bottle, I can't wait for him to flip out.

I somewhat disagree with this. Peggy has no knack for how to do things on Joan's terms, i.e. being a combination of a competent assistant, a doting mother, and a flirt. She could be a brilliant secretary, but because she was never a flirt to the rest of the guys, they didn't think of her so much as one of the guys, so she was more easily able to slide into the role of copywriter. On the other hand, Joan had been the doting mother and flirt so well that when she had a chance to shine (reading those scripts for the TV advertisers), no one really took her seriously.


So will Don Draper be now known as Dick Whitman and will he be selling customized hot rods in the next season?

That guy's "Little Donny" seems to get him into a lot of trouble.

Wasn't that Tom Hank's son who played the handsome priest?


Searched and searched but couldn't find anything, so here's a thread.

Recently finished watching the entire Battlestar Galactica Series. Absolutely bloody brilliant!

Currently watching (have watched the first 8 episodes) of Star Trek Voyager. So far so good.

I also procured all four seasons of Grey's Anatomy, but I've only watched season one so far.


I've been watching "Desperate Housewives". And I've been reading "Middlemarch". Both of them show the misery that could happen after the wedding. Everyone contemplating marriage should watch and read them.


Nothing. :idunno:


Don't even THINK of erecting a shrine to Sandra Oh. She's MINE!


Rewatching "The Sopranos"
Just finished the complete "Six Feet Under"
Watched both seasons of "Rome " in a day last month.


la Hija del Mariachi - very long telenovela.


You can have her, mate. I'm partial to Katherine Heigl!


I love that series. The only crappy thing was that it was only two seasons! But it just wouldn't be the same without Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus. Although they could've made something more of Octavian's rule...


Burn Notice.