2018 US Mid-term Elections!


If I’m running for public office and people voted me in for my views. And one of those views I vocally talked about is Taiwan. Seems perfectly fair to ask what do you mean.


Are you concerned about her views on Israel still ?


WTF are you concerned about ?


Obviously it wasn’t an issue for the voters in her constituency . Or if it was they made a choice for her.

Don’t they have lots of Somalian and Palestinian refugees and descendants in those places.

You expect then to be pro Israel ? Why exactly ?


Wtf are you talking about saying she’s from Palestine.


Why do you care where’s she’s from ? She’s American isn’t she.


I didn’t. You did. I’m just saying it’s not true. You said she is from Palestine and deleted it later. I never brought up that issue.

I think it’s rather important to see where she stands. You wouldn’t want to know if she support hamas? I think that’s a game changer. You’re the one who’s always going on about how trump is a terrible person.


I don’t know why don’t you ask her if she supports Hamas ?

She’s already elected. I’m sure all this stuff has been put to her before.
It’s democracy. Voters get to choose.

I care about what Trump does primarily because he can affect things globally, geopolitics, the environment, the economy, human rights, media freedom. All that jazz.


I’m asking if anyone knows her stance. What is your problem???

You’re the one who says her stance is pro Palestine because she’s Palestinian and later deleted it. I don’t think I ever found she is pro Palestine either so you’re making shit up.


If she is pro Palestinian who the hell cares ? Answer so far : nobody cares except you.


And you. I simply asked a question. It’s a discussion forum. You answered with

brianjones: she’s Palestinian, she’s pro Palestine.
Me: She’s not Palestinian
Brian Jones: oh shit I’m wrong and delete. Omg why do you care where’s she’s from. She’s American, I never said she’s Palestinian. Who cares.


At least I’m not making up information like she’s Palestinian and pro Palestine. You don’t even know if she’s pro Palestine. She’s certainly not Palestinian.


Fair enough I made 0% effort to research it. And you made 2% effort eventually. You win on that score :).


ok. who pooped in your corn flakes this morning?


Did you look in yer oatmeal? That wasnt chocolate by the way.:grinning:


Tolerance and love <3


Every night you spread fear into our homes — fear of the other, fear of us, and fear of them. Each night you remind us we are not safe," they wrote. "Tonight you are reminded that the people have a voice. Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.

“Nice family you have there, would be a shame if something happened to 'em …”

Maybe this is why Democrats bend over backwards to defend Islam. Religion of peace, the both of 'em.


They rang the doorbell ?!?
Bloody hell !!


Don’t forget the part where they said, “Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe.” This is what the Mafia does.


Come on, mop gathering outside and coming onto your property.


Yeah, I think the mafia still has its hooks in the Democrat party.


Or maybe the other way around. :sunglasses: