5G - Health Effects, Supply Chains, Phone Health

What are you talking about?

We’re in Taiwan.

That wont account for health. But intereated to hear about who supplies the network services, if not chinese related companies :slight_smile:

We’re in Taiwan. Why would Taiwan let trojan horse Huawei in here?

Also, Microwave radiation has no effect on health.

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Probably another conversation on health. Interested to discuss, but i am pretty ignorant on it. That all said, our species should be far more preemptive about things. Not just obvious enemies, such as political oppressors, but also helth concerns. We as a species, and most cultures, have an insanely poor track record on prevwnting health problems. I for one dont buy that having 2 towers nearby bt house wont cause problems. Hope your trust in business proves right, but no one wants to say i told you so in up years.

More importantly, what is the supply chain for 5g in taiwan? I get probably government will monitor and distribute as well as, at least, oversee construction. Which has a 4 or 8 year tryst duration…if we are being optomistic (and naive). But who all is involved in everything else?. I have heard nothing of taiwan being the main component of supplying 5g anywhere.

This (more or less). If you are a 5G believer then I have an iphone to sell you.

You’re not going to be using a phone at 100Mbps for more than 30 min. I killed my battery last year torrenting over 4G at 40Mbps over the course of just one day (all of GoT in 1080p). Fully swollen and ready to start a fire sort of thing.

TSMC fab for almost everyone, so Taiwan plays a major role globally. And then there’s mediatek and whole bunch of other Taiwanese companies in the supply chain.

Anyway, how is the 5g coverage in Taiwan so far?

Yes, they do. But that is not the concern at all. Thats like saying taiwan supplies meat to mcdonalds, whereas where is the control switch is what is actually important. Perhaps a bad example, but you get what i mean.

Falling back on TMSC is awesome is not a good argument to fight back against China. They are good, but they control the conpanies that use their product. The CCP often does. Big difference. Finnally, comparing one company, even one sector, to a world power government who has infiltrated every company within their borders is not a fair comparison.

No I don’t get your point about McDonald’s sorry.

TSMC and the like are now quite restricted in what they can supply to certain Chinese companies because of the US sanctions. But regardless of this there are plenty on non Chinese suppliers and many countries are now limiting the role of Chinese suppliers in their infrastructure.

If you’re concerned about Chinese control over telecoms infrastructure there are plenty of ways that can be mitigated, but that depends on governments.

What i meant is that tsmc is important to 5g as the biotek companies are to mcdonalds. Important, yes. But they have little control over mcdonalds policies and practices. As such, tsmc doesnt have much control over companies providing 5g.

I get the controls over certain companies dealing with us government related industries. However, i am inquiring about Taiwan 5g networks, not the US.

Who is building, supplying etc the taiwan networks?

also @Explant

Microwave radiation is too low of an energy source to effectively do anything but excite water molecules in your body and heat them up at high enough output. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that is many magnitudes more energetic than microwaves. You need to worry about ionising radiation, which only occurs in the ultraviolet and beyond as that can lead to damaged DNA, causing sunburns and cancer and worse.

If the output was raised and you were beside a major tower, it would cook you like what you see in the microwave, but not lead to long term health effects.

There is nothing different between all the forms of electromagnetic radiation than wavelength/frequency. Microwaves are pre-red. You need to worry about post-violet.

Ionising radiation, beyond violet light, is energetic enough to knock electrons off atoms and molecules from their orbits, functionally changing their chemistry, leading to health effects like cancer when the chemistry of your DNA is changed. That’s why sunburns hurt, the DNA is damaged, leading to thousands of cells committing suicide to avoid adverse effects, causing what is essentially an injury.

The banana you ate is more dangerous than microwave radiation. Bananas are slightly radioactive and emit ionising radiation at small levels.

The dose of ionising radiation is the poison. Microwaves are not ionising and unless you consider cooking a health effect, there are none. For me, being cooked is an acute injury.


Ok I thought you just wanted to know if Taiwan were involved in the supply chain, but I get you know.

I’m afraid I don’t know who is supplying the 5G infrastructure in Taiwan. All I know is from various reports such as the one below, that Taiwan has and still seems to be taking a similar approach to the US and excludes a lot of mainland suppliers in their telecoms systems.

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Guys I just asked for what speeds those with 5G phones are getting… And this thread evolved into something much bigger

Pls help


Is this what you meant to write above?

Isn’t 5G supposed to allow us to download movies to our phones in seconds?

I’m curious to know if people are already getting the speeds we all hoped for

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Yes 5G will improve bandwidth and latency, so faster downloads and faster response times in simple terms.

I’m also curious to know how things are rolling out in Taiwan. In the U.K. where it’s available I’ve been impressed so far, but it would be good to know how things are in Taiwan as when things get back to normal it will be useful for working remotely.

Pretty much, cheers for elaborating. But still totally nothing on the question at hand.

It would be amazing if movie downloads were the issues. But the reality is banking, mechanical connections (eg. Cars, factories etc), satelites, warfare…list goes on.

Again, enter the borg. Give it 20 years, the idea will become very real soon enough.

Forumosa at it’s finest :joy:


I killed a new LG G5 battery in a few months from high speed torrenting as well. Got all hot and swelled up.
Fortunately the G5 battery was replaceable. I use an old tablet for that now and would never do it with my newer phones