67% of Taiwanese have sex without condom


Prevents release of eggs from the ovaries…

I had never used a condom in all my years of rock 'n roll sex with random women. I tried that shit with the first gal I met in Taiwan, and got chlamydia. Luckily, not HIV. Since then, I have always buckled up when driving new cars.

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And old ones as well, hopefully. You never know when they’re going to spring a leak.

It is an abortion. It’s an early-stage abortion (fetus visible on ultrasound, may have heartbeat), but an abortion nonetheless. As the bear said, the morning-after pill is a completely different mechanism, although you might argue that it’s still technically an abortion because it prevents implantation of a fertilized egg (if one exists).

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if it’s not on, it’s not on

Girls are more likely to be aborted than boys. Same throughout all East Asia.

The point is if you include taking RU-486 in abortion statistics it would be very high everywhere.

Ah, OK. Yes, you’re probably right about that.