A North Korea thread


I can’t remember where I saw it, but I was watching a documentary on Dennis and Kim. One part that was interesting is that Kim didn’t meet with him supposedly due his constant drunken state. I imagine that Dennis goes there for money, but I don’t know that for sure. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/06/14/dennis-rodmans-last-trip-to-north-korea-was-a-disaster-mostly-for-him/?utm_term=.bbf76ec651da


Better than these old pals?


I’d be very happy to see the Korea’s united and at the same time understand the potential burden to South Korea. I’m not sure if the younger generation feels that way or not because they may not remember family. South Korea is a powerhouse and the North has missed out on this. I can’t see this happening but if Kim really wanted to go down in history, this is his chance.


Have the writers never heard of Dennis Rodman before? That’s just Dennis Rodman. He’s been like this and he was also painted so negatively during his playing days.

CNN pissed me of during that interview. What’s he going to say in NK? He’s there building a relationship between the two countries with basketball. The two countries has zero relationship and hate each other basically, well at least N korans are taught that Americans are evil. You can’t have any diplomacy without at least some relationship. Dennis Rodman did what no politican could have done. And leave it to the fucking media to just smear him to the ground. There are videos of his trips him hanging out with Kim and him going around chilling with North Koreans. I’m so pissed at how the media made Dennis look so bad, he’s always been like this. It’s what made people like him.


Surprisingly it’s often the older generation that also voice opinions against taking on the burdens of NK because they don’t want their children who are already struggling to take that on. Young people can be idealistic.


Family feeling is vastly overrated. Sometimes relatives are just an embarrassment.

When I hear Taiwanese speaking fondly of those people on the tour buses, I may start to take this sort of talk seriously.

I’ve got Sicilian relatives taught me all I need to know about family.


There are two versions, the first is crediting Dennis Rodman, the easier and simpler of the two, a scenario which one might imagine unification talks.

The second is longer, and certainly won’t be discussed on the MSM as it gives Trump far too much credit and supposes a coordinated, and systematic targeting of Russian and Chinese economic interests to get them to basically agree. In this version unification is an absolute non starter as they want the geopolitical leverage that is NK. Much of this is a repeat of an earlier link which has since been updated and refined.




It’s not secret if it’s in the news. And the NYT is often the last to know…


You know it was in the news a few days ago, right?


Some news outlets sooner than others.


So tell us, who ran the story first? :cactus:

NYT had it on Monday via AP (citing Japanese media and noting that the White House “could not confirm”).



They’re only doing this because they blew the crap out of their test site and it’s about to collapse


Or , just maybe , Donald and his pressure on the Chinese, coupled with biting sanctions, that were enforced, made him realise it was inevitable.


Right because NK has always been so amenable to reason before.


Not when they were aware that the previous sanctions were hopelessly enforced and had so many work-arounds. They obviously didn’t work , as you point out. I think the policies and unpredictability of Trump has made this happen. I know that you would never want to acknowledge any Trump success but I hope, at least in private, you would see that he contributed in some way.


Sure China and North Korea are just bending to Trump’s will now. That’s really likely.

I acknowledge Trump successes when I think they happen.


There are reasons that China are going along ( mostly) with this and that N. Korea are feeling real tangible pressure now. Maybe it was all that pressure Obama and previous Governments spoke of, and maybe Kim just had an “epiphany” moment .
You said , “I acknowledge Trump successes when I think they happen”.
I will wait for that moment :wink:


I’ve said before credit where credit is due when it was due IMO so maybe stop waiting? If you expect some kind of blaze of glory on this one I wouldn’t count my chickens. NK’s been playing this game since forever. I’m basing my assessment on previous reports of problems at their site.


Ok. I understand . We agree to disagree. I accept he may have “technical issues”, I just don’t think that that is the primary reason that we have had progress. You should be asleep anyway , be good.