A North Korea thread


I think a lot of that is fair, every system needs checks and balances, any President needs those in place.

But to get perspective, if you are on the side of the intelligence services and are hoping they can take out the president, think how messed up it would be if you were going back in history and were egging on the intelligence community to take out J.F.K? Thats really how messed up it is.

Notwithstanding comparisons between J.F.K and Trump, if you are on the side of the deep state to take out an elected President, you have wondered very far off the path.


Well, sure, if you believe in a deep state. Didn’t you just a few posts ago say you prefer to think the best of people?

I’m of the opinion that people just have personal biases, and sometimes they can interfere with their jobs. In Mueller’s investigation, he’s actually handled such people incredibly well, but it doesn’t stop people from screaming “SEE!!! DEEP STATE!!!”

Trump can’t be an asshat to almost everybody and then use the fact that people don’t like him as evidence of some deep state conspiracy. But I’d bet you’d find plenty in the intelligence community who are perfectly okay with him. Or maybe not, possibly because they know stuff we don’t.

I’m not really one who’s going to scream “Impeach!” at every little thing, but say the FBI does interview Trump and he gets caught in an obvious lie (fairly likely), I wouldn’t feel bad that his ego brought him down.

If you want to find a comparison to an old president, look into Nixon. Nixon was somewhat controversial and constantly attacked the media. He had a Vice President that was a much scarier prospect to the point that he was untouchable. Spiro Agnew. He got brought down for tax evasion and was replaced with Gerald Ford who was more cuddly. Despite Watergate already being investigated, Nixon was re-elected partly because of Spiro and partly because the whole “fake news” narrative worked well for Nixon. When a special prosecutor was assigned, the “witch hunt” narrative about the special prosecutor worked well. He tried to get his Attorney General to fire the Special Prosecutor, and I think he had to go through 2 of them until he could find one who didn’t have a problem doing it (the others had taken an oath that it went against).

He had a fervent supporters that wouldn’t buy that Nixon could have possibly done anything wrong, who thought the constant media coverage was a travesty. The words “fake news” may not have been used but that was certainly the tone. Trump will probably tell you he invented both the words “fake” and “news”, believe him.

So, basically, I don’t hope that Trump is taken down. I just think it’s worth looking into because there is plenty there that people should be concerned about. The “fake news” and “witch hunt” narratives, together with caginess and lying, just exacerbate that for me.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Kanye West.

Poopy-di scoop
Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
Poop, poop
Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop

Can I get an amen?


I do, sincerely. Take the memo’s from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, these are not evil people, they genuinely believed what they were doing was right. They had a contempt for politicians, I suspect that is a commonly held view in the FBI.

They intensely hated Trump, not unlike many Americans and thought they had a responsibility to do something about it. That really wasn’t their job.

Right now Devin Nunes is looking to hold Sessions in contempt of Congress. I’m not looking at this just from a partisan perspective. We have a Trump presidency, Sessions is a Trump appointee and Nunes is a Republican, yet is being stonewalled by the DOJ in his requests for information.

That’s not how a system of checks and balances is supposed to work.


Hm, sounds like grandstanding but that’s a fascinating turn of events. We’ll see how it plays out. I assume the subpoena will just be quashed in due time.


I was 9 years old when Nixon left office so my perspective is limited. My parents campaigned for him. When he was found out, my folks were disappointed to a point where they decided never to get into politics again. I don’t think they were alone in this view. In fact, this might have been the turning point when Americans became so jaded against politics. I’m not sure you can say that Nixon voters in the 70’s are the same as Trump voters today. It’s my view based on examples in my experience that the US has evolved light years in terms of opportunity and has become desensitized with all of the violence that we take in through various forms of media for entertainment or news.


I can’t really speak to your parents experience. I wasn’t even born back then but have looked into it a bit. As a quick timeline: Watergate happened before his re-election, and it was announced that one of those arrested for Watergate was a republican security something-or-other before he was re-elected. I think it was at least 2 years before the public woke up that Nixon was guilty as sin despite how hard he feigned innocence. He constantly attacked the media and the investigation, and the public bought it for the most part. Also, nobody wanted Agnew.

My post wasn’t really about supporters, it was more about the tactics used by the presidents themselves. It does make sense that people aren’t going to change their views based on the information that’s available right now. I think things are going to be much clearer years from now.


Not just presidents though, it’s also how people in the intelligence community (in this case a guy called blow job) thinks they should save the public from themselves by going outside of the law and leaking information to the press in order to bring about the end of a presidency.

Sound familiar? Except instead of one guy who wants to save the public from themselves, you have a whole cabal at the top of the DOJ/FBI/CIA/DNI doing it now. MSM is lapping it up, and it seems to me, for the people who hate Trump, like Bill Mather, hope they succeed.

Not really sure what i would say to people like that. “Might as well do away with elections altogether and just let the permanent establishment choose who they want in power, accept they are your overlords and you have no say whatsoever”.


It sounds like you’re arguing that Nixon was shafted. That’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

Who the heck is Bill Mather? It’s the second time you’ve brought him up and I don’t know who that is.

Trump’s no doubt floated that idea.

And don’t you worry about the MSM, Fox News still has his back. Well, most of them. But it wouldn’t surprise me if next week we found out that Sean Hannity was Trump’s illegitimate son. I have a google alert, set just in case.


Sounds like you are imagining what it is I am saying. I’m just stating some facts, it was someone in the intelligence community who decided to work with journalists to bring down the President.

Talk show pundit, Im sure he is not alone in rooting for the deep state, Im sure there will be others who do the same.

He did, said about how wonderful it was China’s President made himself President for life and maybe they should float the idea in the Sates. Of course he was 100% serious.

With that, you failed I believe to address anything I just wrote. I didn’t even mention the Hillary Clinton cover up, the DOJ ordering an investigation into the Clinton foundation be shut down. That the Muller investigation which was supposed to be looking into Russia collusion, they don’t seem to have taken the DNC servers for forensic analysis, they haven’t looked into Clintons role in paying Fusion GPS millions to actually collude with Russions.

It’s a farce, it’s a “get Trump” investigation. Using fraudulent opposition research documents to obtain title 1 FISA warrants, breaking into Manaforts home at 3am for something related to Ukraine in 2004, intimidating and sending the message “this is what will happen to you if you join the Trump team”. Raiding his lawyers office to get the dirt on Trump.

For what? What crime has he committed?


Meanwhile, in other tangentially related news…


Thanos looks smaller than I thought he would. I thought CNN was on Stomy Daniels 24/7 lately. Even their own viewers seem to have got bored with Russia collusion.

N.K. related they are gleefully pointing out the N.K. state run propaganda where the N.K. tell Trump to stop flapping his stupid lips. “Hey everyone, we love N.K. propaganda now”


Perhaps… this is what you wrote.

Forgive me for thinking you had an opinion about this. I guess?

Why would I address your conservative conspiratorial rant about the establishment overlords fixing an election that “they” already lost? It’s ridiculously inflammatory. Trump won the election and you seem incredibly upset about it for some reason.

That being said, Fox does have his back and it seems to be one point of contention is the MSM’s reporting. So I absolutely did address something you wrote. They spend a lot of their time doing damage control for Trump, trying to save him from himself. But here’s the rest of it anyway.

One may say “whistle blower” but okay, have at it.

Ah, you’re obviously talking about that time Trump leaked confidential Israeli intelligence to Russia followed by fervent denials from the White House followed by a tweet from Trump confirming it’s true. Or the time Trump’s lawyer leaked Mueller questions followed by Trump tweeting outrage over it?

Truth be told, I imagine you’re right when you say this Bill Mather fellow probably won’t care if Trump is impeached. But if he’s impeached, it’s probably due to his own stupidity. I have no problem with that at all, although Pence is further-to-the-right than Trump… so it’s not ideal. But he hasn’t been impeached, so just at the moment him crying foul just sounds like a 5 year old screaming, “WHY IS EVERYBODY SO MEAN TO ME!”

Later adding, “Losers!” and “No Collusion!” Then “No Collusion” maybe three or four more times, to really hammer it home.

You could probably just take a breath and shrug it off. Nobody’s suggesting anything similar to what you’re saying, but they are going to take Trump to task for his conflicts of interest. He’s the President of the United States.

Whataboutism. If there was a crime there, they’d be able to do something about it. You seem to have forgotten that Trump is the president. It could be done. But Trump paying an Israeli firm for anti-Iran information should be more of a worry than Clinton paying a lawyer to pay a firm to pay an ex-MI6 agent to get some dirt on Trump from Russia. The FISA warrant stuff may or may not be bad, but that’s seemingly how the system is set up and I don’t think Trump is working with them to change it.

Treason, potentially. Campaign finance crimes at the very least, it seems. Don’t ask me to explain it, apparently CNN never shuts up about it so you’re in good hands. But if he didn’t lie so much, people probably wouldn’t be so hard on him. But he does, so we are.

Manafort seemingly committed some very serious crimes. Him being indicted shouldn’t bother you so much. We shall see about Cohen, but Stormy Daniels had her case delayed because Cohen is probably going to be charged. If he’s not charged by the time the 90 days is up, I’ll probably change my tune a bit on him. Again, if Trump and his minions weren’t such lying liars who lie about it we wouldn’t be so hard on him. Or at least I wouldn’t. But they are, so I am.

Yeah, I’m really sticking it to Trump with my inane posts on forumosa.com. Take that, OPOS!

No, we also loved it when they called Trump a dotard. Also, you have been banned from /r/pyongyang


Alright, you made a serious attempt, I will give you credit for that. We will agree to disagree on most of what you just wrote. But we can revisit as things develop.

Looks like we are looking at this from a very different perspective. I thought this was a good interview, it’s pretty lengthy, I doubt it will change your mind at all. But I thought I would just leave it here.


I don’t agree to that!


Yeah, you really need to read Sun Tzu.

Victory is victory.


You think you’re safe because you abstain from Kool-Aid, but that won’t stop them from spiking your tea.

If you really want to draw conclusions from leaks (as if they were a new phenomenon), what’s up with leaking all the questions Robert wants to ask Donnie when they finally get around to the formal interrogation? That wouldn’t be beneficial to Donnie now, would it? :ponder:

It’s Maher btw, and he’s a comedian.


Today’s DR: if you read a book but interpret it in a way that makes you question my ultimate wisdom, it’s as if you never read it at all.


There is not going to be a “formal interrogation” of the President. Once you accept that is his position, whatever he says in public about how much he is looking forward to talking to Muller, then the leaked questions make sense in that they lend weight to Muller’s real intent, which is to catch Trump in a lie.

Doesn’t make it right, however Muller it would appear is not really interested in actually seeking justice, both Muller and Trump seem to be playing to the court of public opinion. If I were a betting man, I would say Trump knows how to do this far better than Muller.

Did you really think he was going to release his tax returns? I mean, he said he was going to, must be true, right?


Au contraire. I respect the opinions of all winners. Even those who “cheated.”

Especially those who “cheated.”


DR: cheaters are the best. :cactus:

What do you think anyone in this forum has or hasn’t won?