A North Korea thread


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There are many types of leaks, some may be good in the case of a whistleblower. I think it’s clear to a casual observer, Obama’s strategy to his team was to open confidential information to as many as possible and to leak as often as possible in order to cripple the incoming administration. This is not to whine, just to point out a fact.

It would seem the leak about questions came from Trump’s side, like any leak, it’s an act of bad faith. If I were Mueller, I would take that as clear sign there will be no agreement to a formal interrogation, ever. He may as well go down the path of subpoena or go with written answers. Any more negotiation, he should expect will be leaked again.


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Bah. By that time the Internet will probably be obsolete.


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Okay everyone, mark your calendars! In 2034 our very own Row Land will be officially declared Mr. Interwebs! :fireworks:

But what is the prize? :ponder:

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It is what it is. But… what is it, exactly?

A vague statement of principles, details to be worked out. All we could reasonably expect this early on. It’s not a bad deal or a good deal, because it’s not any kind of deal yet. It’s major progress in negotiations. 商定 is, in real life, a process.


Deep down, everyone who matters is a capitalist. Peace sells… but who’s buying? *

I’m all for the carrot, but don’t forget the stick.

  • If there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line. But it had better work this time.


people must remember, the Korean War never “ended” (peace treaty signed) after hostilities/shooting “ended” in 1953.
So, anything Trump did in Singapore is better than all his predecessors combined.



It’s all about the intent of the players, doesn’t matter how much you try to dress a deal up if there is bad intent from the start it’s not going to work. Although I think Trump and Kim want a deal, but there are others I am sure who are not quite so enthusiastic.


That video is unbearable to watch and totally misses the point.

If Kim and the NK elite were interested in prosperity for the whole country, there is nothing stopping them from following the China model or just open the borders to South Korea.

Problem is they want to stay in power and survive. And that is difficult, if not impossible, when trying to reform the economy, let foreign aides, investors, and tourists in, and let their people out of the country to study abroad etc.

Keeping the common people poor, uneducated, and brainwashed has been working for the regime for decades. Keep the people struggling to survive and they won’t have time and energy for starting a revolution.

Maybe I am missing something, but this summit was nothing more than a pile of hot air that gave the two dear leaders what they wanted. Being recognized as an equal on one side, be considered for the Nobel prize on the other.

Nobel Peace prize… Kim Dae-jung shook hands with Kim Jong-Il too. How did that work out?


What I would have done: shown Beach Blanket Bingo, followed by On The Beach.

Spells out the choice he has to make. Status quo is not one of the options.

You can party in an underground bunker, but it’s just not the same. If he opts for a party on the beach, he risks not being invited, but if he opts for the bunker, the food is going to run out at some point. Then after he’s eaten all his staff and harem girls, he’ll have to come out and face the music.

There is still time…


I think you underestimate him. You’re not running out of food in your bunker, are you?


In my Bunker, Edith will always get me a beer.


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