A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


In case there’s any seriousness behind the flippancy curtain :yum:

the hitch-hikers are probably those who got here via Peach or Scoot or Etc. Airways, on a dime and a dollar. There’s a variety of backgrounds, and levels of wealth. There are some private cars near the land entrance, and driving there is not discouraged, but parking is rough and tight on a small lane.

You don’t need to bring anything, although a tent/hammock would be very wise, and perhaps some personal snacks. Food is free although donations are requested after each meal (2 a day).

Phones, cameras, speakers & other electronics aren’t welcome.

I’ve not seen any alcohol or other drugs on site. I think if that is happening, it’s taking place in the dark fringes.

Any rain and the place is a mud-bath.


I think I saw a couple of foreign hippies down Main Station after work. Honest to God, 70s flower power, long mane for the girl, long mane and long beard for the guy, flare ups and bell bottoms.


Oh rats the plum rains are coming.


Never trust a hippy.


I bet they don’t trust you either!


They wouldn’t get the chance. Soap dodgers.


All that obsessive scrubbing just makes you uptight, man.


Pics (with yourself making the v-sign) or it didn’t happen!

Do they have tents dedicated to followers of particular religions? I read that they usually have a Jesus Camp, a Krishna Camp, and a Hebrew Camp. What about Buddhists and Muslims?



Yeah we need pictures.
Somebody sneak some photos !
Why does their Facebook have nothing !?


Could have something to do with this…


Excessive flippancy, dude. Why do you need pictures? There’s nothing that crazy to take pics of. Just come down and attend, see with your own eyes.


There are no separate camps, there’s only around 150 folks there.
All for one, and one for all.


Simply because I’m curious, I don’t have any intention to attend it.
Pics of Shitpit 2018 or it didn’t happen.




It is happening. I can confirm that trenches are brimming over with shit & ash, and topped with a sprinkling of love. BUT, they’re …

pits w/o pics :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


The smell will probably waft its way up to Taipei eventually. :laughing:


Salt is priceless at a gathering. I know.


Isn’t that one of the main components of hippy sweat?


Hence the need to replenish.


Can’t they just lick it off each other’s bodies?