A Whiskey Recommendation


finding a great use for my latest 700cc bottle of Johnny Walker Black (got it really for the promotion with the two really cool glasses). Put a teaspoon in with the coffee. NICE, with a bit of whipped creame on top.

That would be a small cupa columbian black with a teaspoon of jonnyblack and a teaspoon (or two) of honey and whipped creame to top it all off. Purrty nice.


Heads up: Young ThreadKiller brought a gift pack of Johnny Black around to my place last night. Contained a bottle of the nectar and a damn fine-looking T-shirt. Jimi gives the Scotch a :thumbsup: and the T-shirt :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Someone gave me a bottle of Dalmore 1263 King Alexander III – just staggeringly good


still rocking the Bowmore’s Mariner 15 years.

Verrrrry nice.

Happy Fuckin’ 20111111 to you all.


Finding the Wild Turkey 101 proof to be pretty strong stuff ! Doesnt go as well with my coffee as Johnnie Walker Black does tho.

Probably better with Coke.


Used to drink just blended scotch but tried Finlaggan last year. Bought a bottle from Trader Joes for bout 20 bucks (still same today). I thought it tasted kinda “tar-ry” sort of like asphalt. I think they refer to that as “peaty”. It wasnt bad, but I have not yet bought another bottle.

Was in Trader Joes again tonite and bout to pick up a bottle of Jack (on sale at 11.99 a bottle versus usually 15.99 ) when I spotted this

SPEYBURN single malt from Speyside (Finlaggan was from Islay) on sale at 14.99 a bottle. It was two bucks a bottle cheaper then Lisborne , also a speyside single.

I must say its quite enjoyable. Smooth and light. No smoked peat (tar to me) smell or taste. Tastes and smells kind of like Johnny Walker actually.

Heres the little blurb on the bottle:

“the clear soft waters of the Granty Burn are at the heart of Speyburn Brandan Orach, a classic speyside single malt with a bright golden amber colour. On the nose, Brandan Orach reveals green apples, honey, lemon and floral vanilla spices, and on the palate is wonderfully balanced.”

google.com/products/catalog? … CDAQ8wIwAg


Taiwan has it’s very own whiskey/whisky called Kavalan. I have a bottle waiting for me :smiley:

Have a look here; http://www.kavalanwhisky.com/en/default.asp


[quote=“Steviebike”]Taiwan has it’s very own whiskey/whisky called Kavalan. I have a bottle waiting for me :smiley:

Have a look here; http://www.kavalanwhisky.com/en/default.asp[/quote]
Someone gave the band a bottle of cask-strength Kavalan Soloist a month or two ago. I was amazed at how fine it was. Ridiculously overpriced, though – there are any of number of really high-end aged single malts available for the price.


Bought a Kavalan for my pa last year, he rated it. But yes, it’s not cheap, $2000 IIRC. Although he got a free hip flask with his bottle.


Yea, deffo not cheap but a very fine drink. Bowmore or Balvenie (sherry cask) for me.


yeah its amazing how much they can charge for that kavalan and get away with it too . Chinese are snapping it up I hear.


Somewhere buried within this thread is there a list of Scotch shops ??


Interesting article in NYT today

American Single-Malt Whiskeys Serve Notice


Very interesting read there bout American single malts !

in the meantime, just an aside. Someone gave me a bottle of THE GLENROTHES Select Reserve. Its very smooth. Its a single malt from speyside .

It won a Gold Medal in a competition held this year in San Francisco for whiskeys.


Bumpity bump.

I know next to nothing about whiskey apart from the fact that I’ve occasionally enjoyed a bit. What would be a good “beginner’s” whiskey to get here in Taiwan? Basically something that’s a good mix of quality and price - something that can give me at least a sense of what quality whiskey is “supposed” to taste like. This is for a drink in the evening every few days, not for getting drunk with.

Tips on how to drink it are also welcome!

The easy shops for me: a Kavalan store at Danshui MRT station; and Carrefour. I’m lazy and I’m not interested in putting that much effort into this, but if it’s something available near an MRT station I’ll try it.

Thanks in advance.


What did you enjoy in the past? Anything in particular?


Nope, nothing in particular. The occasional glass at friends’ places, with no clear idea of what it was. And probably more Canadian Club or Crown Royale (sp?) than I should have had back in college days.


I’d go perhaps for one of the basic Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich or Glenlivet single malts, for a starter. All should be pretty easy to pick up, not too expensive and without heavy sherry or peat flavors.

I’d drink it with a few light splashes of water to open it up a bit. Not much more than a few big drops really.


Out of those three I’d recommend Glenlivet. A decent all rounder.


As it says.
independent.co.uk/life-style … 25563.html