A Whiskey Recommendation


I’ve seen this bottle with the dogs on the label at A-mart for about $350. Haven’t tried it yet.


Recently picked up the Glenfarclas 1L 12 year single malt for $780. it’s a sherried one. Seems like pretty a good value. Would buy again.


That sounds like a good deal. Where did you find it at that price?


In hualien. A pretty amazing selection at this store. some prices are quite low, some not so much.


The 1l bottles tend to be duty-free editions that find their way into Taiwanese retailers through some dodgy channels. Sometimes you can even see that they erased the lot number from the side of the bottle. Usually nothing wrong with them, just not brought in by the official importer.


Interesting info. I could totally see that. I think this one is a legit offering though. After I tried it I did the google rounds and saw a few things- apparently they recently discontinued the 70cl (or is it 75cl), and that the 1 liter is a reference or influence of duty free trends, and possibly for export. I watched the ralfy youtube vid (and the horst luening one too, they are both a riot) and he also noted something unrelated but interesting about trends- that 12 year age statements came about because it was something originally for the duty free market and before that the standard ageing was 10 years, and now 12 years is more the standard.
Also interesting that Teacher’s and Catto’s both come in that big bottle size, and also are affordable and quite quaffable.

anyways blah blah blah, drink da whisky :wink:


I will say this store does have some oddball old stock and cast-offs. I have found a few hidden gems but also a couple that probably were not stored properly and likely suffered from it.


@marasan will definitely appreciate this now that he’s traveling to and from Taipei and Hualien.


Will check it out! So far, this place has been good enough.


The website is so quaint. Got to love Hualien.