A Whiskey Recommendation


亞伯樂12年威士忌 x 買酒網 品酩會
亞伯樂: 3/5 星期五 台北萬豪酒店 奇岩1號
日期:2021年3月5日 (星期五)
地點:台北萬豪酒店 奇岩1號 (台北市中山區樂群二路199號2樓)
收費::$1800/人 (報名成功即贈亞伯樂12年一瓶,一人限一瓶。)

Google translate:
Hello, dear guests:
Maijiu.com sincerely invites you to participate in the Abel Food and Cocktail Party held on 3/5 Friday night. You are welcome to take the time to attend the meeting. The details of the food and wine party are as follows:

Abel’s 12-year-old Whiskey x Buy Liquor.com tasting party
The timeless classic of whiskey meets the private creative Chuanxiang cuisine
Abel: 3/5 Friday, Taipei Marriott Hotel, Qiyan No.1
Date: March 5, 2021 (Friday)
Time: 18:00-21:00
Venue: Taipei Marriott Hotel Qiyan No. 1 (2nd Floor, No. 199, Lequn 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)
Fees: $1800/person (Successful registration will give you a bottle of Abel for 12 years, one bottle per person.)

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Thanks. Interesting.

What’s this? I pay 1800 and I get dinner and a bottle of whisky? Wasn’t what I was expecting, but I could be tempted.

How did you receive this? Do you just signup to maijiu.com?

I am a member at my9. There’s an outlet close to my office. Becoming a member gets you a discount on purchases and you just need to give them your number.

Not really sure what the deal is with this dinner. I’m not really interested in the dinner and tasting. But I do know Aberlour has some decent whiskies so there’s a part of me that is interested. Their 12 year is decent and I’ve been hearing very good things about their slightly more pricier whiskies. They might be part of the tasting at this event.

Are you a big whisky drinker, cigarbar? Please share what you’re enjoying in this thread.

Oh I see now, they’ve mistranslated Aberlour as Abel. I’ve only ever had the A’bunadh which was nice, but at about 60% isn’t really a whiskey you can enjoy for too long.

Maybe I’ll join up and see if there are any other events coming up soon.

I’ve only just arrived in Taiwan, so not done much whisky drinking recently. I have just bought a bottle of 18 year old Inchmurrin from the Loch Lomond distillery. I had a bottle of single cask whisky they made which was great. I also got a bottle of Ardbeg Uiegadail, because, well, it’s delicious.

I haven’t opened either yet, but I’ll post some photos when I do!

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That’s exactly the one I’ve heard good things about. I mostly just sip now so I don’t see a problem with the high abv.

60% is too high in terms of taste for me. A drop of water and it’s palatable, otherwise it’s like drinking fire.

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For whisky tasting events/evenings you could consider the ‘Taipei Whisky Club’. A great bunch of people who meet fairly regularly. The Taipei Whisky Club | Facebook

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This looks perfect! I’ll try and make their next event. Thanks for the info.

Are you in the group?

Having spent time on the bogs cutting turf I never imagined folks would drink bog water when adults. :grin:


I just got this at duty free, ~2200 NTD; looking forward to having her for company in my three weeks of quarantine!