Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


Kaohsiung has an MRT system so it’s okay to get around, even without a scooter or car. But the lack of proper sidewalks is a huge problem. And the drivers are even more reckless.


Who eats breakfast at Starbucks? Seriously.


No one, most who buy anything from there grab something to go

You can change Starbucks to fika or whatever cafe you frequent


Why not just eat breakfast at home? Cheaper and healthier.


Hell, I get 12 bagels from Costco for 140 NT. Who the fuck spends 250 NT everyday on breakfast?!

I guess my definition of “frugal” differs considerably from @morran01’s.


I do as I work at home, but if I didn’t work at home I would obviously grab something on the way to the office.


It’s not even frugal. It’s just common sense.


Breakfast? Hell, who even eats it? I munch on some coffee beans.


I hope they’re coated with chocolate.


I have news for you. Those aren’t coffee beans.


Wait, what?


I’m sorry you had to find out this way.




Taichung has a reputation for being boring. But it’s got nice parks, one of Taiwan’s foremost night markets, many great museums, and is within easy reach of many popular destinations like Sun Moon Lake.


I have been in the wuqi district 3 weeks & find it acceptable. I speak Mandarin so that’s helpful. Also I am too old for the club/bar scene & brought a library with me thus no book shopping needs


If you happen to be in Taipei, well… I am willing to be your friend

[spoilertag] well, if we jive lol [/spoilertag coz its not working]


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t you remember those public service announcements when you were a kid?


That was just the cereal lobby and the associated forces of the breakfast propaganda machine.


cant believe you ask this question lol.

If you are from London, then you must be more accustomed to Taipei LOL.


It might be boring if you’re in your 20s and big into the club and bar scene. But like you said, it’s got a lot of great stuff besides that if you have a more laidback lifestyle.