Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


You seem to be making the assumption here that foreigners in Taiwan will eat only foreign food.


Nightmare? :joy: Not sure what stories you have to tell, but I’ve never had a problem ordering food from local places. I go up and say what I want. Besides the occasional lunch rush line, I’m not sure what you’re on about here tbh.


I’m referring to lack of English menus, no pics of the food and staff doesn’t speak English


So, the local food kind of sucks(except some of the stuff you get at the nightmarket)

Now, I personally like many East Asian dishes, but not really Taiwanese


Well, usually I know the Chinese name of what I want to order. If all else fails, pointing and gesturing towards the food they have behind the counter usually does the trick.

No offense, but your life would probably be a lot easier if you became at least proficient enough in the local language to order food at a restaurant.


Agree, I should learn mandarin. I do speak Cantonese, but it’s uselsss here


Anyone who can’t manage to get fed in a Taipei breakfast shop would starve to death with a fuckin rotisserie chicken tied to their head…:noway:


Did you mean to come to Taiwan, or did you get your countries mixed up??


So, I spent 10 year in hk prior to coming here as my wife is Taiwanese and wanted to come home


This I can actually relate to. Still, if you put in some effort, you can still find plenty of edible food that doesn’t break the bank.


What’s the good stuff at the night market?


Yeah, we’re no Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong or even Seoul. But good food can be found everywhere.


Snake soup.


Chicken butts on a stick.


Not even.
Yesterday me and my kid had breakfast at Burger King (which I’ve never had before), and even that was 200 bones for both of us




There’s no Burger Kings anywhere near my neighborhood, I’ve never had breakfast there before.


I can confirm that. Wuxingville has no BK in the vicinity. I also have never eaten a BK breakfast except that one time at band camp.


And we don’t have them where I come from.

ETA: Anyways, I wouldn’t especially recommend it. Like all other BKs here, the stuff is cooked in Linkou and microwaved onsite. If you like that kind of thing, McD’s is better.


But BK adds that smoke extract to their burgers to make them taste grilled.