American...ish restaurants in Taipei

The OP asked about unique food, Taiwanese spins on other cuisines. Didn’t say anything about good.

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Only if you are looking for a crappy version of the real thing.

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You should look more into Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese food if you ask me, your doctor or an epicure. Anyway this might be something for you

Baba Kevin’s American Barbecue Co., Ltd. (Minsheng)
No. 6號, Lane 115, Section 2, Minsheng East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491
+886 2 2511 7427


I think we’re straying far from the original intent by the OP, but the trick at Bogart’s is to skip everything and go straight to the ribs. Get a good mixture of sides with the expectation that half won’t be your thing, then dig into the ribs. For two people, get a full slab and add on a half slab to that. It won’t be cheap, but you will be very satisfied. Ribs or don’t go. It’s like sex. No sex is better than bad sex. Okay, let’s get back on topic!

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It’s still not that great.

I laugh at the posts on Facebook of the ‘amazing authentic American bbq’ that foreigners rave about here. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

What is the gruel they serve with the charred meat ?

My grannies Sunday roast would look and taste better than any of that.

The Aborigines do roast pig way better here. .Foreigners have no clue. :grin:


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Then don’t live in the city . Actually you can’t eat BBQ too often, super unhealthy and it’s just BBQ. Best BBQ is your own BBQ with your friends and family.
Whoops I think I’ve overstayed my welcome in this thread.:grin:

The topic of the thread does specify “in Taipei.”

If you want to start a thread on “why BBQ is better outside of Taipei” go ahead! :rofl:



Maybe I’m missing the point of the OP, but isn’t it a request more for weird (“unique”) food than for good food? Places that claim to be American, but have too much of a Taiwanese twist to be really called that.

A bit like this short thread from a while back, although that one had a more international focus:


I noticed there’s a few nice brunch style places have opened up with better salads and slightly healthier food in Taipei shopping malls. Can’t recall any of their names though.

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Tomatoes with breakfast is unheard of in America, though pretty standard in the UK.

Bea’s Bistro behind NTNU has good American-ish food, even though their breakfast also has grilled tomato.

I’m looking for both :smile: but I’m particularly looking for food that Westerners would never think to make. Food that appeals to locals more than foreigners.

Like… I remember a pasta place that poured a sweet sauce over their spaghetti. At first, I thought it was strange, but it was amazing when I started eating.

I often find that “authentic” restaurants are very unwilling to explore and create a unique cusine that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.

Perhaps Taipei is becoming too globalized… but I miss the days when Macho Taco put red beans in their tortillas. Not sure if places like these exist anymore.


Macho Taco sucks, OP has now lost all credibility.

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It does now. But it used to be more sweet than savory. They should have gone all the way and made outright desert burritos. But instead, they tried to make it more similar to “real” Mexican food, but failed miserably.

Fully agree. Unfortunately a friend is one of the co-owners

Bogarts is very American, Good Southern BBQ and sides. Also You cant even get a sugar free Tea or drink there(when I went last yr). Very American


They have some weird Canuck lager though.

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Sweet tea is a southern thing. Most of the time, you have a choice of sweet or non-sweet.