American new to Taipei, without ARC, having banking issues

Try HSBC then, which has a branch here and that might help you move funds.

I still do not understand why a US bank in Guam needs you to have an account there or at least a phone number to cash a check. Didfn´t you say cashier checks were as good as money?

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Getting a USA phone number. Try Google Voice. Or install the TextNow app. With TextNow, you can send/receive calls and texts for free. But the app eats up data a bunch.

Those are the free options. You can also get a number with Skype. But that costs money. But much more reliable, as you’d expect from a paid service.

But Google voice works great, but you must have created a Google account back in the States. If you create a new Google account from within Taiwan, no USA phone number for you. But even if you just have a Gmail account that you created back in the States but never signed up for Google voice, you can sign up now and get a phone number. No problems from within Taiwan.

Icon, if i cash the checks i carry large amounts of cash on airplane? Maybe trouble … i can declare and risk drama or not declare and lose it,
Guam would be nice if i could cash checks then wire to tw

do you need a Guam bank account to send the money to your taiwanese account from Guam?

Not a single check i have two but even a smaller check of 30k is flagged, but selling a home is not a small amount of money .
I closed all accounts in usa so , if not cashiers check tell me what else would be best to carry money internationally??

Tando im assuming i need a guam account hense issues

Ill try the google just need remember my login info, or get internet phone… its worth a try

The bear, i would probably be a tax evader not a launderer , but maybe they are the same… my large check was cut from selling my home , and i have documents to prove it

It’s hard to imagine you not thinking the logistics through before you cut the check and burned all your bridges. Are you one step ahead of the law?

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Yes Dan its hella crazy now, its hard think in US my check is cash anywhere in 24 hours , but deadly poison in tw

Im here DR . Because my internet research deemed a cashiers check ok to travel with, and also banks in tw will except me with a passport and a record of number paper.
Im not running from the law, only issue my checks can cause are IRS . But maybe the are the law, or is law the police? I dont know, im not running but they can always draw issues with any American at any time.

Transfer, American Express, open an international account with HSBC.

Can you make small 9999 transfers with Western Union in Guam? They are working with a local bank. Find out what you need for the transfer and pick up. It is expensive, but better that than the alternative.

Look, even in the old country, where you can walk into any small eatery, bookstore, gas station, and use USD as if you were in the US, you cannot use cashiers checks. Checks of any kind would be rejected ad portas. So checks are actually not ideal, though that is little consolation now at this point.

I wonder what was the source of your research, as most travel guides will point checks are not in use in Taiwan. Heck, most Taiwanese carry stacks of cash for most big sales, even home sales. Illogical and inconvenient and dangerous but most are old folks. They stilll make savings unde rteh mattress…which end up eaten by mice.

At least your experience will help others who are also planning to make a move to Taiwan with large amounts of money. There will be a way.

Can´t you ask someone at AIT? Maybe a fellow US citizen expert may know.

As long as you paid tax on sale of house, I don’t see any legal issues. May have been a good idea to keep your American bank account open though. Keeping your money here in Taiwan just adds to your reporting burden…FATCA, FBAR, etc.

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You have to declare it or they will confiscate everything over 10k.

Im still leaning torwards HK, but will attempt internet banking first , im not going back to the US, not going to happen, renouncing passport is very complicated, so i must hold my passport

I was actually shocked AIT said flat out no help for this situation, and im like this is a perfect example of an American needing help in tw

Man, I had to re-read this whole thread of yours, @Rzarobbie
Some issues appear rather fishy, if not bordering on a tad towards some legal/tax problems.

  1. When you sold your house/business in the US, you accepted a cashiers check? Housing transactions go through a title company so that ownership is transferred properly. There is a record of this.
  2. you probably made money on home and business sale. you owe Uncle Sam taxes on that. Failure to file is a big no-no.
  3. Why would you never go back to the US? You want to renounce citizenship? The IRS will still target you on capital gains before/after renunciation, depending on if later gains were related to assets while as citizen.
  4. Taiwan now has a very close relationship with the US on tax issues and bank accounts of US citizens.
  5. AIT is not here to help citizens cash cashier checks.
  6. How you staying in Taiwan? Visa-free entry?

As someone else correctly stated, this was not thought out very well.

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TBH I see many issues like this with uncle Bob. In spite of doing business in the old country for over 30 years, he has not received the memo that it ain´t Kansas no mo. But then he is equally stubburn in many issues in the States… and avoiding paying taxes to uncle Sam is his daily goal. Not because he is doing anything illegal, but because he does not believe in socialist stuff like taxes and such.

I was reminded of this thread after spending 20 minutes of my precious commute time trying to explain to him why he cannot cash cashier´s checks in the old country nor cash checks from the old country in any bank in the US… Sigh.

Wow, ok. Give me a second, i love forums

Did you manage to resolve the issue?