And yet another consequence of Taiwan Parenting Issues (spoilt, lack of belt)

If it is said on Facebook it seems to be the case?

They’re not. Foreign students make up about 25% of the UK student body. They’re a massive cash cow. Masters courses make up the bulk followed undergrad, then PhDs. Well marketed and easy money for the Unis.


Or they are busy with kids as single mums. Every 30s year old ( girl) friend I have in UK has council flat + teenage child.

Now you know where taxes from your business goes

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I’ve never seen a place where so many people are dependent on benefits. I can’t wait to move my tax residency out of the UK. Absolute joke my neighbor lives in a 1750 a month flat as me provided by the council and they got 5 kids that all are losers. Nice enough people but they always tell me about how I am also entitled to things from the council. This is the mentality of people here.

And wayyy to many single moms here. All on council benefits and they complain all day about not getting enough.

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People getting fake divorces to milk government. Is crazy indeed. A friend drove me in new bmw being sponsored by government cause he is guardian for uncle with diabetes. I don’t know how brand new bmw helps with fighting diabetes.

And how many father simple don’t give a damn about their kids. I could not raise up my kids there. They lose all of their traditional values and it is a circus now.

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I’m all for making sure there is a safety net and helping people that really need it. But this is a perversion of this at this point. My neighbor gets benefits for disability but he looks perfectly fine to me when walking around normally. It seems like everyone is able to get something and they keep thinking it’s free. Not to mention you get girls on social media showing people how to get a free nose job or boob job from the NHS. It’s absolute madness here with the entitlement.

I think they had a fight or something and she wanted to teach him a lesson. TBF, I don’t think she told them to stab him but to rough him up…she originally got a lighter sentence but I believe she now got a longer one after people got really upset about it.

I’ve noticed that they don’t sentence very harshly for things that should be but will lock people up a long time for drugs. It’s just not right.

It’s just madness here. I feel like I’m always looking out for someone to screw me over in some way here, it’s a very low trust society.

Why do you stay?

Serious question because you haven’t been there long. No kids etc. benefit cheats and chavs everywhere.

my older sister had lots of fights with my parents over different things as a teenager. by the time i reached my teens all the hard battles were fought already and my parents gave me much more leeway…
the first borns dont get all the privileges :slight_smile:

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My business is here and we are gaining ground in the UK market. My goal is by this time next year to be able to work mostly remote and have my employees handle the day to day operations of the warehouse. I’m moving towards having everything on a platform that can consolidate everything I need on my computer without being in the office.

Once I get to that point, I will switch my tax residency out of the UK. I will not contribute to the NHS so some girl can get a free nose job while I’ve never been able to use it once since I got here with the 6month waiting time.


Being an immigrant (foreigner/expat/etc) has its disadvantages for sure.

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:thinking: Do tell me what country you’re talking about, cuz other than the well-debunked “Welfare Queen” trope, I’ve never heard of this happening in the real world

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haha. Definitely not. Jimmy Wales, Mark Zuckerburg, and Bill Gates are often said to have graduated from Montessori. None of them did. Jimmy Wales summed it up best in a tweet about himself linking to a WSJ article:
“And the myth that I went to Montessori rolls on endlessly:”

But we CAN add to the tech gurus: Will Write (creator of SIMS), Jeff Bezos/Sergey Brin (Founders of Google). I’ll make those trades.

As an interesting side note, you’ll sometimes see me in the list. My friend added it to her page on her website since I am a ventriloquist here and I eventually got melded into the list. :smiley:

Could it be that they attended a school but did not graduate or received another form of Montessori education? Or is this completely made up. Anyway, not that important.

It is off topic, so will leave it at this: they didn’t attend a Montessori school. I THINK Jimmy Wales went to some type of alternative education. I remember reading something vague like that.