Another cannabis arrest!

Do you think I look like a cow milker?

Taiwan Customs Administration has already removed Canada and the USA from the list of countries with a low risk of drug trafficking?:smile::smile::smile::smile::canada::canada::canada::canada::canada:
Thought that would have happened a long, long, long time ago.

Do you mean: “cow-milker,” or “cow, Milker.”


I sure hope it’s the latter, but I’m afraid to ask. :open_mouth:

Taiwan has a large community of gangsters, westerners are the last thing they need to worry about here…

As someone experienced in the dairy industry at a grassroots level, I have empathy for those on the udder side.


Yes, but what about the sausages?

what no more binlang mei mei half naked on the streets?

Reminds me of the school for the Blind that closed recently. Apparently they could not SEE a future for it. :slight_smile:

talking bout taiwan gangsters, this guy does NOT look the norm.
hair dyed blond? In the USA he would have been so shot full of holes by trying to ram the police he would not have the chance to then use a knife to slash a fuzz person.

I’m all for peaceful resolution and everything, but do the Taiwan Police ever shoot their guns at people? This is a case where the bad guy should be shot, if not dead. I don’t get it.

The pic in the article shows the guy had a BB gun.

Seems a bit excessive to discharge on some basically unarmed guy

Did they do something wrong ? It does sound a bit odd but they probably knew him.

Well it’s good Taiwan police have not gotten to shooting people willy nilly

That could I’m time change as soon as police start getting shot dead

A known drug dealer attempts to run down Police with his car, pulls a gun on Police, then pulls a knife and cuts one of them? How is shooting this guy not justified? Where does it say it was a BB gun? And even if it was, how can the Police know that?

Note: I am talking about the “Yeh” drug dealer guy in the article.

I agree. It just seems that a lot of Taiwan Police get hurt when dealing with knives. In most countries when a guy pulls a knife on Police (and shows intent to use it), he gets shot.

Even in Germany where police rarely used guns, if someone comes at them wielding a knife, those get shot.

Cops have been killed here with knives , one was killed last year right outside Lungshan temple, his partner was cut up bad too


My point exactly. I think the problem is likely a resistance towards modern training and relying heavily on their martial arts training (which often fails under high stress), rather than pulling their gun. That, and a general lack of dealing with intense, violent situations in general - a good thing for Taiwan in general, but bad for the officers who end up in those situations.

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