Anyone working for BigByte Education currently or recently?

Hey guys,

I have an interview with BigByte Education in a few days. I’m currently in the States, so don’t want to take the job if the company is sketchy.

I looked at old posts regarding BigByte, but couldn’t find any recent info. Any information, experiences, or advice would be very much appreciated.


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this is a start to get an idea on what qualities a good buxiban might have until some can give specific info on Big Byte.

Good luck with your interview!!!

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What would you like to know specifically? Here are some bullet points.

  • Pay is always deposited on time
  • Staff is helpful with the initial on boarding process (tour, health check, ARC, bank account)
  • You are paid for teaching hours only (no paid training, meetings, planning time, etc)
  • Turnover is high, I’m not sure what the usual rate for buxibans is but 7 out of 9 people who were hired at the same time have either left before a year or are planning to leave at the end of the term
  • A basic course outline and some worksheets are provided but the rest is up to you

Also I’m curious, do you have experience teaching or is this your first teaching job?


If you don’t have previous experience, make sure there’s proper, actual training. A lot of places (and not just cram schools in Taiwan) consider throwing a newbie in a classroom with a crappy lesson plan “training”. Make sure, at minimum, you will have time to observe some classes being taught so you can get an idea of what your boss wants from you.

Ask in the interview (and get it in writing) if you will have training for at least a few days before being expected to teach.

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I can tell the OP about the training process from my experience. There is a long training process but it doesn’t really prepare you for what an actual classroom is like. I was thrown into a classroom with a less than ideal lesson plan at the start. It is generally accepted that we are in a less than ideal situation and that is the reality of teaching at a buxiban. Observing some classes is a good idea, but since you are likely being hired from overseas with this company you won’t get that opportunity until you are already in Taiwan.

I have over three years of experience teaching adults in Prague, and a Hagwon in Korea. I’ve also taught a little bit online.

What I want to know is:

Should I just wait until travel is on again and look for a better job once I’m in Taipei?

It depends. Do you have enough money saved to stay here for a while without a job? If you can afford to job hunt while you are here that might be a good idea. In that case you can go into a bunch of different schools and see which one you like best.

I chose to be hired from overseas because I wanted a secure income upon arrival in Taiwan. There were three companies willing to hire me from overseas - BigByte, American Eagle Institute, and Joy English School. I chose BigByte mainly because of it’s location.

Maybe someone else can chime in regarding the current state of the English teaching market here and if it’s best to job hunt in person.

I’m not sure where I’ll be at financially when I arrive because who knows when that’ll even be possible.

I know that even Taipei is significantly cheaper than Los Angeles (where I live now), so the only expense I’m worried about is rent and the flight. That being said, is 2k USD enough to come Taipei, only teach online for the first month or two, and be able to afford a private room with private bath in an airbnb/hostel/apartment?

I’m not high maintenance other than wanting the private room/bathroom. I am confident that I can eat and drink cheaply in Taipei.

I would strongly suggest you not to land in TW without ample funds, maybe 3-4K. That’s in case the job doesn’t work out within the three month visa period and you need to do a visa run.

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Yeah I second the 3-4K estimate. There are a lot of up front costs associated with moving to another country. For example you may sign a contract on an apartment before you get your first paycheck. You could end up paying 2 months rent (1 month up front + security deposit) with your savings like I did.

Let us know how the interview goes, good luck!

The interviews went well. I had an initial interview that was a Q & A 1 on 1 with a Taiwanese teacher. Then, I had to record 15-20 minute demo which cost me a night’s sleep. They liked my demo and I had another interview with two foreign teachers and a Taiwanese teacher who said nothing the whole time.

They told me I’d find out Tuesday if I got the job or not, but I’m not sure if they meant Tuesday Taiwan time or Pacific time. I still haven’t heard from them and it’s Wednesday in Taiwan now.

Boy, they sure put you through the wringer for a buxiban gig.

Hmm… well, give it another day. You’ll know by the end of today anyway. And if there’s nothing within 24 hours, then follow up with an email asking about your status in a brief and polite way.

If you don’t get it, don’t despair. I’m sure you’ll get another job here. Buxiban gigs aren’t exactly hard to come by.

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Sounds similar to the process when I was hired except there weren’t two foreign teachers.
So what do you think? If they offer you the job are you going to take it?

So I got the job!

It looks like I am going to take it, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in regards to when I can actually come to Taiwan.

I’m also kind of nervous because the owner asked me about other things that were not on my resume, and I mentioned that I’ve had a couple of stories published. She asked me to send them to her because it would determine if I would work with higher level students for more hours. The problem is that these stories contain drug, sex, and depression content. I ended up sending her a PDF of a pretty harmless story, but I’m worried I dug myself a hole here.

DrewC: I’m aware it wouldn’t be difficult to find another Buxiban job, but I may need this contract to enter the country.

Anyways, sorry for my tangent. It should be fine, but I’ve never had to share my writing with an employer before so it makes me nervous.

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Hey congrats! :clinking_glasses:

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How did this go OP? Did you end up coming to Taiwan? Am curious to read how this panned out for you.


After several delays, twists, and turns, I will be departing for Taipei tomorrow night.

TECOLA was the worst bureaucracy I’ve dealt with in my life. I think it was because usually they’re don’t have to deal with that much, so they were incompetent from lack of experience in a Pandemic. They were pretty rude to me and didn’t help me until I was assertive and kind of rude myself. If you can avoid ever dealing with TECO in Los Angeles, you’d be making the right choice.

With that being said, I’m relieved to finally be leaving, hopefully smooth sailing from this point forward.

Sorry to hear they gave you a hard time, but at least you’re on your way over. Good luck, let us know how BigByte turns out for you!

Would love an update if possible Black Santa?

Yes please give update!! I’m interviewing with bigbyte on Thursday.