APRC After Gold Card - What are the rules?

In 10 days time when can pick up the ARC, would that cut the Gold Card short of 3 years?
The NIA officer shouldn’t cut the Gold Card short of the 3 years though rather issue the extension effective from the time the Gold Card expires in accordance with the law. Until then your Gold Card is still active.

Article 13 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals

Where a foreign professional who engages in professional work in the State, or a foreign special professional who has obtained an Alien Resident Certificate under the provisions of Article 8 Paragraph 2 or an Employment Gold Card under the provisions of Article 9, before the effective term of their residency or Employment Gold Card has expired, still has need to reside, they and their spouse, children under the age of majority, and children over the age of majority who are unable to live independently due to physical or mental disability, may apply to the NIA for an extension of residency.
Where an application for extension of residency as referred to in the preceding paragraph is approved, and an Alien Resident Certificate issued, the Alien Resident Certificate shall have an effective term of six months starting from the next day following the expiry of the original Alien Resident Certificate or Employment Gold Card; if needed, before this period expires, they may apply again for one further extension, for a total extension of residency up to a maximum of one year.

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I need to go back and make sure of this!
The person processing my request said the extension will be valid today! Reducing the gold card to less than 3 years!

Am i screwed?

Thank you!

No, since the law is on your side… he likely realized that anyway once he tried to process it on the computer system.

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@pin2xbo Any updates on your application? Which date did the “extension” ARC had in the end?

You are a great use case for us all :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I went back and made sure the 6 month looking for job ARC extension has an expiry date of 6 months AFTER my GC expire. The issue date was earlier than my GC expiration, but that was fine. Kind of have to fight for it and made sure they understood that i cannot have GC that is less than 3 years. Supervisor called and agreed finally.

I double confirmed with the APRC office to make sure I can still apply for APRC. She looked on the system and confirmed.

I got my new ARC after 10 days. It is the regular blue ARC. Kinda sad…

I got ‘scolded’ for not doing family extension all at once. Less headache for them i guess. We didn’t but it’s because we were renewing a passport and want the new ARC to reflect the new passport. Travelling soon.

Now i am just waiting for my GC to expire.

I’m considering again whether I want to switch from a gold card to an APRC this year – in the last couple of months, I’ve gone from not wanting to to contemplating it, and I guess if I’m going to do it I may as well do it this year so I can be among the small group of foreigners that the Taiwanese government hasn’t excluded from the tax rebate.

This might be a niche question that nobody except immigration knows the answer to, but does anyone know whether 9B/gaofei income counts as “income” for APRC purposes?

Based on previous tax years, I have some amount of discretion whether I declare a decent portion of my income as 9B-98 rather than overseas salary/wages (5F) – as in, I think it falls under 9B-98 and the tax office hasn’t disputed that so far, but I’m guessing they’d also be fine with me declaring it as 5F and paying additional taxes on it. I’m probably above the limit either way (still need to check when I’ve finished collating my invoices), but it would be more borderline if 9B-98 income doesn’t count for some reason.

I’m planning to go check with the tax office and immigration early next week before I file taxes, but in the meantime, does anyone know?

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I asked the same question over here and didn’t get an answer

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Oh that’s interesting. Is 9A professional practice income or something?

If I make it to immigration this week to ask, I can ask them about that too.


Yeah, other professional income.

When would you be applying if you do? Mine would be in October. I’m worried not about the process per se but about the nonsense that some officer might come up with. Gonna apply in KH and my experience with the public service here so far hasn’t been… erm erm… ideal.

I’m not in any immediate rush - my gold card is valid for another 2 years 9 months anyway (if I’d thought about this before, I might just have extended for one or two years rather than wasting the money).

I’ve already passed the three year mark anyway, just need to get the tax certificate I guess. So if I decide to do it, I should be able to do it next month (or next week).

Don’t forget the (local) police check!

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I have an honest look about me so probably won’t need it, but yeah, I could get one of those too, just in case.

(Is that something you have to do as a separate step, even when you’ve been in Taiwan constantly for the last several years, or does immigration just get it themselves? If the former, is it a big hassle or just something that takes a couple of days?)

From my understanding, being in Taiwan for at least three years will only void the requirement to provide a police check from one’s country of citizenship. The one from Taiwan is still required.

However, you can apparently get the Taiwanese one from every police station after ordering it online.

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I just called the Taipei immigration office to check about this. The first person didn’t know and gave me the number for her supervisor.

He said that the tax codes included are 50 (Taiwan salary/wages), 5F (overseas salary/wages), 9A (professional practice income), and 9B (gaofei). (He actually wasn’t sure about 9B and needed to go check with someone else, so hopefully that’s correct!)


This is helpful. Thanks

Yes but it’s really easy. You just take your passport or gold card there, pay 100 and come back in two days

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“There” being your closest police station (or any police station?), I assume?

Na the one in Ximen they told me to go to. The main one

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@Andrew Use the link here and you’ll know where to pick up.

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