Are countries finally going to start pushing back against China?

Though this is very different from Taiwan Independence, Iran recognized the ROC as the legitimate government of China into the 1970s. I was surprised that the Shah eventually switched diplomatic recognition to Beijing, I figured that he would have been buddies with Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo.

Seems more people are buddies with money.

Taiwan has a bunch of these iirc. Be nice to see if they work, right?

Or recognising a government that actually rules 900 million people instead of the government claiming to rule those people, but actually ruling an island of 18 million.

great. so population is what rules the day? How many more people do you need to win the argument? germany was roughly double Poland in 1940, do they get a pass too? Or does the ratio need to be higher to justify human rights atrocities on large scale?


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I saw this in the morning but the article had a statement from the Indian government that it was a 2021 clash not the recent one…

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Yeah that does not quite look like December weather in the himalayas does it.


Recognition of a country does not mean that you approve of the government; it just means you acknowledge that they are the ones in charge. The US recognised the USSR in 1933, all the Allies recognised the Nazi government in Germany, the Western Powers recognised the members of the Warsaw Pact.
Continuing to insist the KMT dictatorship was in charge of all of China was, by the 1970s, a fairly ridiculous opinion, no matter how much you might have liked CKS.

Yes… Now I am confused what your point was above then.

What reality do you think is being ignored and what evidence is there to substantiate it?


Excellent report. Thanks for posting it.

PS Michael Swaine is an idiot.


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Quincy institute is pollyannish.

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Verrrrrrry interesting analysis of China’s impending collapse. Rogan is either hit or miss with me (more ‘miss’ lately) but this is one of the better discussions I’ve heard in recent months.

Zeihan has been a bit hyperbolic lately, but yeah, China’s in a bind.

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China’s always in a bind.


This guy seems like a real BSer. I see everyone in the comments agrees.

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