Are countries finally going to start pushing back against China?

Yeah, I don’t think they’re there yet. But working on it

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Not sure how accurate Chang’s claims of “balloon=impending strike on US nukes” prediction will be. His betting track record is award-winning:

From his Wiki…

“As the author of The Coming Collapse of China ,[5] Chang has made numerous predictions of the imminent collapse of the Chinese government and fall of the Communist Party since 2001 including the specific years.[11][12][13] Chang insisted that it would be year 2011 when the Chinese government would collapse. When 2011 was almost over, he admitted that his prediction was wrong but said that he was off by only a year and wrote in the Foreign Policy magazine, that “Instead of 2011, the mighty Communist Party of China will fall in 2012. Bet on it.” Consequently he made Foreign Policy’s “10 worst predictions of the year” twice in a row when his predictions were proven wrong again.”

Bleak, to be sure. Definitely a reminder to the American people that the Chinese government is preparing not only to attack Taiwan.

Not just bleak, he’s terrible at predictions as well.

The guy needs to polish his crystal balls. Or stop polishing them. One or the other.

Gordon Chang is a complete joke. The biggest joke in the China-watching world. He writes mostly for FLG media. Not really someone who needs to be taken seriously.

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It doesnt really matter if they can actually win, just if they think they can win. And Xi thought he could go to war with Omicron and win

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China getting a back up plan for energy in place in case Russia dries up? Maybe—-

This is the problem with delusional people and making predictions based on numbers rather than unstable minds.

Pipeline to Russia is moving along:

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Companies should not invest and share their IP in China. Glad the place I work with is very careful.
Mostly it’s a losing proposition over there with high end stuff.

what a loser…should be fired by the shareholders

At the end of the day, he’s pushing for governments to get out of the way and for the world to become flat again.

“We’re businesspeople. We’re not politicians,” he said last month. “The laws of physics in China are the same as here.

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So how’s that wolf warrior diplomatic approach coming along?

Based on polling in the US, not well.



At what point in the last 30 plus years was this not already well known by literally everyone? I think the elephant in the room is people just gamble on slave labor and zero fucks about human rights and environment until the CCP comes crashing down on them. Greed, plain and simple. hard to pity such fucks, even the ignorant ones, in the 21st century. no excuses in my opinion. Plain ol selfish greed.


peoples opinion of china didn’t affect iPhone much. Or whoever’s else. only when it affects their own kids, never others :frowning: We all have had the options to not buy their shit since forever.

pooper post, but god damnit!

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I dunno how it was ever 40% to start with. Ignorance I guess. I mean if you take out that strange 1987/88 jump, it didn’t even go down in 1989.

To be fair, it is a graph asking people that are not involved with the issues in china at the times they were asked, and it skipped important things like the era during tibet genocide, as an example. Take home point is more, that graph says “Americans”, not “America” said something in.response to some way someone asked them. A great distraction. these things are always great at that.

Choke them off. Good.

When they can behave, start up again.

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This is not a precise graph; there aren’t lines for each year. It looks to me like the increase started in about1984, when Deng Xiaoping consolidated power and eased back on Maoism. Americans had been used to seeing China as ‘the enemy’ and now it seemed China was opening up. (I lived in Beijing teaching English for two years at that time; everyone was incredibly eager to learn- ha ha ha.)
With the plunge it’s hard to see, but if you use a ruler it’s almost exactly at 1989, which makes sense- opinions of Chinese leaderslip went down sharply at that time.

Favorability of China was highest in early 1989, at 72%, but it fell to 34% later that year in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square incident.

(from the article)

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So what was all that you can’t open a business in China if we don’t own 51% of it shit? Gtfooh

Did China actually think they’d get a free ride forever? Bwahahaha

I bet there’s some pushback about this

Yay, back to checkbook diplomacy!