Are vaccines going to be compulsory for teachers?

No, I don’t “really” think that. I’m just more conservative when it comes to risks. It’s like how we have different types of investors. Diversity is a good thing. Imagine it actually screws people up after every single person on this island has taken the vaccine.

Plus, there are so many precedents in the history of medicine.


If you work at a cram school, you will either have to be vaccinated, or tested every week. So I imagine most schools will likely try to pressure the teachers into vaccination.

Hopefully they aren’t still charging foreigners NT6000 for the PCR test. That will add up if done every week lol.

I thought the gov would pay for that when they said it’s mandatory… but, again, it’s “this” government :stuck_out_tongue:

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France basically made it mandatory when they said you need to get repeatedly tested otherwise at your own expense, and then made the cost prohibitively high and the test so annoying that 99% of the holdouts were essentially forced to do it

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How do people afford this?


They pretty much can’t so in effect the vaccine is mandatory. I’d argue that informed consent no longer implies where one can’t function unless one complies.

‘Sign here that you understand the risks but if you refuse, good luck never leaving your house.’ If someone told others that this would be the future everywhere two years ago, they would be looked at like a nutcase and a conspiracy theorist.



If you are not rich and require an employer, you will likely have to take the vaccine in order to survive. Of course, people will say that this isn’t coercion :upside_down_face:

I also worry with the whole Covid Passports we’re seeing in France and the rest of Europe.

Should they roll out here, will people blindly accept them? I imagine super compliant cultures like the Japanese would roll right over.

I don’t know enough about Taiwanese people, but given the amount of face-shields I see right now, I don’t have much hope :weary:


Hey, they have cops giving fines for someone jogging in the middle of nowhere without a mask or driving in the car so I’m sure there will be some half baked enforcement coming.

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They will roll them out in due course: Taiwan says discussing COVID-19 vaccine passports | Reuters
And everyone who wants to travel, Taiwanese or not, will be required to use one.

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Thats’s too bad.

It seems the whole world will enforce this. Where can us vagrants go? :rofl:

A sixth fully vaccinated Texas Democratic lawmaker has tested positive for COVID-19 — the latest breakthrough case among the state House members who traveled to Washington, D.C. to block Texas GOP elections bills.

Come up with a new lie, your propaganda isn’t working.

That’s ok, I already have no sympathy for vax shills who drop dead of strokes and heart attacks caused by the “perfectly safe” blood-clotting myocarditis-inducing vaccine.


Seems at odds with this:

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There’s also Israel and the UK—rising cases there despite majority of the population being vaccinated.

All of this data is readily available online.

Yet, even that is dismissed as conspiracy :upside_down_face:

Im also confused at the rhetoric that it’s the unvaccinated spreading delta while at the SAME TIME screaming that the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting and spreading covid. That logic doesn’t quite compute :thinking:

I pray that the effects of the vaccine come to light soon so we can end this experiment. Though, I do worry that those adverse effects will be pinned on the unvaccinated. We face a tough battle >.<

The next 6 months in Taiwan will be VERY illuminating. If there’s a HUGE uptick in cases after this massive vaccination push, things will be made even more clear.


If cases alone are the issue, then it’s an issue. I look at hospitalisations and deaths as the issue, and whether those hospitalisations and deaths were vaccinated. Otherwise we’ll be in lockdowns for eternity and/or naturally acquired immunity kicks in.


I totally agree. I should’ve said adverse effects/hospitalizations/deaths instead of “cases.”

First it was deaths being thrown around by the media.

When the death count wasn’t as high as expected, they switched to cases.

Cases. Cases. Cases.

Who cares about cases if they’re mostly asymptomatic, with relatively few hospitalizations or deaths?

Sorry—of course we should care and take things seriously. But eternal lockdowns over “cases” won’t solve anything.

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Cases could be an issue in terms of the virus mutating and the dreaded ‘long Covid’. However, at some point governments are going to have to accept that opening up after vaccinations and increased cases go hand in hand.

Boris Johnson is an idiot, but he seems to have got this.

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They should be compulsory for health workers and everybody working in a public environment. No excuses for conspiracists or deniers, get another job.

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Right, a zero case policy will never go anywhere.

Covid is likely here to stay.

Why? Other than the additional stress on health systems what risk is some anti-vax idiot creating other than to themselves? Possibly a slight risk of increased symptomatic transmission.

And what about people who have natural immunity? People who have allergies? People who have been seriously injured by vaccines in the past (like myself)?

Screw them, right? :clown_face:

Stop labeling people conspiracists and deniers. You have no idea of anyone’s personal health profile, and those things are matters of privacy.

Also, most of us are completely up to date with our immunizations and vaccines, so how are we deniers? (I applaud you for not using the term “anti vaccine”, at least).

And I don’t see anyone denying covid :thinking:

This topic is about whether or not people will be forced into taking something they don’t want (which is illegal for non FDA approved, EUA medicines).

Some people simply don’t want to take a rushed and non FDA approved vaccine.

Whether that decision be based on science, religion, medical history, or even conspiracy—it’s their right to make that choice.