Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

Interesting history of how the Chinese exclusion act propagated the Chopsuey font.

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Whenever I see that font, I get the taste of MSG in my mouth.

It’s absolutely amazing businesses in US cities are mostly leaving this font behind. What a complete change since when I first moved to the US. Back then being able to use chopsticks was seen as a novel trick. Something my ex-girlfriend was able to pick up and amaze her family. Now it seems like every college student regardless of ethnicity could work a pair of chopsticks like they’ve been doing it since they were 5.

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Growing up in California (the Bay Area anyway), it seems like most people were always able to use chopsticks. I guess it varies a lot by location.

That’s just salt


I guess technically it’s a type of “salt” if you go by the chemist definition… It’s not “the salt” though.

Easy to distinguish because it makes my mouth slightly numb and tingly.

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It is different to salt - I was being flippant. There are definitely some flavours going on. However, fuck off does it numb your mouth. Is it cocaine?

Some people get this effect, some don’t. I think it’s genetic.

I stand corrected. Salt definitely makes me thirsty.

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If MSG works like cocaine, Taiwan’d be rich… er than now.

KMT was big into cocaine back in the day. there are reasons Taiwan got rich quick. not always legal or ethical…msg is chump change.

I don’t know about cocaine, but heroin from what I’ve read. from Golden Triangle to Taiwan and onward

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Heroin makes way more sense, yeah. There were even KMT warlords in the Golden Triangle producing, IIRC

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Ok ,sure. edit: coca :slight_smile: it was a big thing here for a bit back in the genocide days of KMT.

Coca? How did the trade work?


Any more specifics? Just curious

Taiwan was a big coca grower before. The KMT have been involved with most of the big drug trades in taiwans history.

Remember even a few come plants being found in a Tainan university not so long ago (should say a few plants people got caught for) haha. If Iam not mixing up the numbers, at one point Taiwan was the largest coca producer outside south America. Probably sounds more amazing than it was given the time. but still interesting.

It is a history they dont like to talk about, but coca, opiates and amphetamines have been big in Taiwan at different stages .

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