Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

Most every case I’ve seen has been a black person doing the attacking. What’s interesting is the articles never mention the attacker’s race anywhere (but have a photo) – if it were white people doing the attacking you can bet it’d be mentioned, along with the story of… “white supremacists”

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He’s talking about the present day:

What an insufferable twat…


For the record, I’ve been subjected to physical threats and called countless names for being Asian in America by middle-aged, obese low-income white folks (I live in the South). It’s really funny reading this thread about the denial by so many. Perhaps it’s less about racism and more about the systematic manipulation of people with societal grievances by those in power.


I think that’s a part of the character.

Exactly, the promotion of the model minority is a way to pit one disenfranchised group against the other.

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Don’t stick your chin out dude. All it takes is one clean shot.

According to this UNIVERSITY OF Maryland professor, 75% of hate crimes vs Asians are committed by whites.