Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks


I think it can be both random and targeted.

So a random act of violence driven by hate would be a person who generally hates a specific race, happens to cross paths with a person of said race, and suddenly lash out because he hates their race?

Are you setting me up or something? Lol

But yes. Sounds about right.

Duh. Every race (except Asian) is mostly likely killed by someone of their own race. That’s just due to proximity.

I was just responding to the data he posted of how blacks and Latinos had a higher likelihood of being hate-crimed by whites than Asians are, and that’s supposed to make Asians feel better about getting killed by white people.

Also hate in USA for Chinese workers for the USA gov, Asian MP’s need stand up.
[‘Rogue’ U.S. Agency Used Racial Profiling to Investigate Commerce Dept. Employees, Report Says - The New York Times (‘Rogue’ U.S. Agency Used Racial Profiling to Investigate Commerce Dept. Employees, Report Says - The New York Times

And more hate in USA
Gay married couple hit with anti-gay anti-Asian slurs on camera |

lol, no
I was just trying to understand what sounded to me like a contradiction at first.

Depends who you are. If you are a gang leader it will not matter or high up in.a gang.If you are an average prisoner then you would be a target. Double standards.

So we can declare that blacks attacking Asians must be culturally appropriating white culture, then?

Ok. Here’s at least one and maybe two. Race of the first victim wasn’t mentioned, although her skin looks nonwhite.

First victim:


Color me surprised, both attackers are visibly black.

Note that the second victim isn’t dead yet, but is so severely brain damaged that doctors have told the family she is unlikely ever to come out of her coma.


So far in the course of the entire thread, I think you’ve managed to find two Asians getting killed in “hate crimes” committed by white people. I’d say you’re a far shot off from your assertions there.

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White Supremacist Nazi Trump Supporter Charged With Hate Crimes in Four Separate Attacks on Asian Americans

Just kidding, she’s a black NYC resident. Surprise! (No word on whether she voted for Trump, though, but magic 8-ball says “doubtful”.)


Shocking news

Time for Opposites Day:


New York seems gone crazy now. Is that so or media reporting it more

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I’ll never visit America. It just seems be a cesspit of violence and shittery.

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Why “surprise”?

I’ve heard plenty of people argue the opposite is possible.

Fact is, many people who do stuff like this have degrees of mental illness, which is not exclusive to race, or sex, or voting, or whatever else you’re on about.

Also, bringing it back around, this same type of person is easily exploitable by people, like you know orange who, with his ‘kung-flu.’

It’s important to not make everything exclusive to race, sex, or voting.

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I agree, but I’m not the one making sarcastic comments about race, sex or voting. Maybe you picked the wrong person to reply to? :brain:

Based upon posting history I think I picked the right person to reply to.

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Well there’s your problem, you’re in here for the wrong reasons. Try to stay on topic, I’m sure I could talk about you all day too, but a life gets in the way.