Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


Hey Gifthorse,
I'm crazy about guitar. Seriously.
However I have a couple of kids and hardly have any time to get out and play. You're welcome to come round and jam some weekend afternoon though. I have a, erm... few spare guitars, ahem.

Also, if you fancy chatting online about guitar stuff during the day, I'm YOUR MAN! :wink: (Shoot me a PM)


Yep, so darn crazy he called his kids "Fender" and "Strat".


And when you go over, don't be freaked out by the Gretsch® Country Gentleman™-shaped toilet.

Hint: Cm9 to flush...


Your music (cd) is pretty good. You should stick with it. My toilet flushes with open chords only.


Thanks to anyone who listened. As for jamming with anyone, I would love to. See I have no friends here. I would be glad to show anyone anything, and learn anything. I am a firm believer that I can learn something from anyone.

I was considering maybe giving some private lessons, but I suck at teaching and I really hate it. I did teach a bit in the US and quit because I would get students who just didn't practice. I mean you feel worthless when you give a lesson and the next week the student comes back and hasn't practiced anything. Then you are just whistlin dixie.

Also, I don't believe in taking a lesson every week. Maybe for the beginner, but for more intermediate players you can give them plenty of material to practice for 2 or 3 months considering much of guitar is about memorizing stuff, and repetition.

I am always looking for a teacher though, so if anyone in the forum is a proficient bluegrass player or can employ right hand technique like Doyle Dykes or Chet Atkins I am all ears, eyes, and hands and will pay hourly.

I am also a shred head, kind of in the like of Macglaughlin or Dimeola. I don't listen to those guys, actually old Van Halen with Roth is my fav guitar playing and why I started. I love Allan Holdsworth, Birelli Lagrene, Albert Lee (not alvin lee), and Brad Paisley (I don't like his songs just his playing).

I will PM anyone who wants to jam either to maybe get something going regularly if I stay here and maybe play live.

I am without my equipment. Normally I am almost exclusively 12 string. My shtick is playing lead guitar on a 12, which is rare. But I didn't want to chance losing my 12 or damaging it on the plane ride, as it is an expensive Taylor so I opted for my Big Baby. By the way, the Taylor Big Baby is a cheap guitar but they are excellent for the money and sound better than other brands costing considerably more. Taylor doesn't dick around, they are great accurate nice sounding, playing instruments.

To me Taylor and Martins are head and shoulders above alot of the competition with exception of boutique brands like Santa Cruz (in my opinion these are the best but cost like $5000+)

I also play electric guitar, but didn't bring it. I have to say I was a tube purist until playing through the Line 6/Bogner designed hybrid Spidervalve. What a cool amp, and I would never be able to discern it wasn't 100% tube when it is set up right loud. It has a 6L6 tube power section that is fed the modelling by 1 12ax7 preamp tube. Really breathes, and responds like an all tube amp. NOt just an all tube amp-- but a good one with a high voltage power section. Loud this amp kills and it is quite affordable. It replaced my THD Bivalve through a DR. Z best cab if that tells you anything.

OK, I will PM some of you

rock on


Are their any organizations that can hook me up with other hi-caliber musicians with extensive stage and studio experience. I am a professional singer-songwriter from Canada. It seems really hard to connect with other serious and experienced musicians that can back me up or start a band. If you are one, or know of any organization around, let me know, as I really want to get something going in Taipei.


Pro musicians? How will you swing that one, then? That's not an easy ARC to get. Let us know how it pans out. I'm semi-pro, but I have a visa through marriage so its easy for me. I'm not about to get with some bozo who's like to get deported for playing live. Waste of my time.
But let's hear some of your stuff -- I suppose if you're a pro you must have demos, CDs and suchlike. MP3s. Give us a link or two so we can hear what you can do.
Or are you looking for getting into the Mandopop scene? That will not be easy at all unless you have the connections (in which case, you probably wouldn't be posting on a foreigner bulletin board.
There's the BSOT (Blues Society on Taiwan) if that interests you.
Or we're (Muddy Basin Ramblers) are doing a workshop and show on Sunday at the Taipei Artists Village by the train station. Come down and have a chat if you want. The Dana Wylie band will be there too -- they've been touring extensively in Canada and the UK for the last year or two and they know what's what.


Why not apply to work as an assistant to this dude? You can sing, teach, and make money as a Canadian professional singer-songwriter. The world surely needs more of them--at least those who can do it well.


Brian Funshine FTW!


In the process of getting my APRC. Sunday sounds very cool. I will be there. What instrument do you play?


I play sax and ukulele. We also have a jug player, a washboard player, a washtub bass, guitar, mouth organ, kazoos, trumpet, trombone. Other stuff too that I can't recall right now.
But I'm curious -- you've been here over 5 years, you describe yourself as a professional musician, but you haven't found anyone to play with?


I think I just found something to do on Sunday, any more details on that one?


Not sure. The workshop takes place in the afternoon and the show is in the evening. I think we're on at 8pm, but there'll be all kinds of interesting stuff happening from around 2pm.


Ok, sounds good, will try to make it somehow somewhen than. Hope you don't mind if I bring my camera along again than.


Personally? I have no objection of course. The thing is run by the Council for Cultural Affairs, though -- don't know if they have restrictions on that kind of thing.


Ok, I will keep that in mind but usually they treat forreigners with big cameras quite nice here, almost like you work for the BBC, CNN, Reuters and what not at the same time.

But just in case, if they throw me in jail, can you guys come along for a session below my window, some jail house music would be nice by than.


Got the itch to get back into this. So far it has been a struggle as most of the pro players I have met are too busy to join a project.


Heh! I hear that. Describes me, too. If I was a pro, which I'm not.


Hey Sandman, I will try and come see you guys on Sunday. I have heard you guys are fun to watch.

Rock on


Morgan I sent you a pm on friday about maybe getting together to jam, dunno if you are still interested.

Please do post some of your tunes so we can czech you out. I am always open to play, as I am not working --yet and I have tons of free time where I just sit around and play guitar.

If you aren't sure where to post them for free, you can use Myspace, or I use this one called Dmusic that is easy to set up and upload material to.

What about you Sandman, have you guys done any recordings you have online?