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Uh oh…


Taichung Int. Stadium tix are crazy expensive! 1K for outfield seats on a weekday, afternoon game between 2 teams that aren’t Chinese Taipei? WTF ??? Good seats down close for 2.6 K and 3.2 K. If these games are on TV, that stadium will be empty!
I’m heading to Douliu on Sunday & Monday to see a few warm-up matches between the countries and local Taiwan pro teams. Heard tix are free. Shouldn’t be much of a crowd in Douliu as the Taiwan team is playing in Taipei for their warm-ups. Looking forward to seeing Cuba.

Nice job Honkbal Netherlands.

Let’s play honky-tonk ball!

I was going to eat the national food of all Taiwan’s opponents before each game. Now that’s impossible because my car’s been totalled.

We got 3 tix for 1500NT total for Cuba/Netherlands on Wednesday


Honkball for life.

What happened?

Yet for some reason this is what Taiwan’s WBC TV schedule looks like…

Apparently the MLB is prohibiting the use of the term Taiwan as well as the ROC flag during the WBC. You can bring a flag to the game, just not distribute any game information using those things. I guess Honkball Netherlands will get a stern letter for actually representing the facts.

Three games for free in Douliu this past Sunday. No vending was being done inside and no beers were allowed in. Luckily my furtive attempts to bring in beverages went unnoticed.
I’ll head to the noon game today & if the NT 500 seats aren’t in the outfield, I’ll pony up and go in.

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Cuba vs. Netherlands looked relatively well-attended on TV.

Dude I can’t watch this.

Like expected, our lineup is between 2A and 3A, but our pitching and defense is only about High A and 2A. There were some plays that could have gone the other way, but with the pitching hemorrhaging runs, there was just no way to climb out of the hole.

The skill range for the CPBL is larger than in the minors, and this should be the cream of the crop, the high end of the range. I expected those with foreign experience to perform better.

I’m not sure why they took CC Lee out when he was doing fine.

We still had a lot of players with foreign experience in the bullpen, I guess they were saving them for the harder expected games.

Deng, well he had no control.

Hu did well but he had to go.

The Netherlands is going to tag this team for 20+ runs. This is quite depressing.

Can’t wait until we face Cespedes, Moncada, and Robert. Hoo boy.

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Since the batters staying in Taiwan’s pro-league haven’t caught up with the fly-ball revolution, pitchers from the same league could still depend on pitching low in the zone to induce poor contact, while in the MLB and most other leagues, pitchers would need good velocity and/or movement of their fastballs and attack high and inside to get the batter. Pitchers from Taiwan’s pro-league have essentially given up on attacking the top half of the strike zone, and if any pitch does end up high in the zone, it would be a hanging off-speed pitch waiting to be hammered. I’m sure once every team in Pool A realizes that, the next 3 games for Team Taiwan would also be giant turkey shoots.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nothing cheers a heart broken Taiwanese baseball fan up quite like this.

Look at that sneaky grin on Dave Nilsson’s face :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Anyone running bets?

Thanks. Didn’t know Taiwanese baseball was so backwards.

They bunted in the bottom of the second into a double play. I mean, most of the time I think they are 10 years behind, but that play has to be at least 20 years behind.