Beer Alert & Directory II

You’re certainly entitled to drink your beer at whatever temperature you find it best…

However, “ice cold” is not the “ideal drink temperature” for Duvel. “Ice cold” may be the ideal drink temperature for Anheuser-Busch drinks… but definitely not for Duvel.

Were you really going to put ice cubes in your Duvel?

You’re the expert, Tigerman. But I like all my beer cold, an American-conditioned habit, and I guess the server figured that out when I asked for the ice. Yes, I was ready to drink my Duvel with ice cubes, and that’s my Taiwanese-conditioned habit.

OK. This is the new Beer Page.


For the working man.

For me!

I’ll have one of these hic

Anyone, besides me, have a beer named after you?

[quote=“Alleycat”]Anyone, besides me, have a beer named after you?

Does this count?

And I even have my own bar:


[quote=“tigerman”]Does this count?


I thought of the four tastes, it was supposed to be salty and not bitter.

But this is hearsay OF COURSE!

[quote=“Alleycat”]Anyone, besides me, have a beer named after you?

But of course!

No cool label like you all have, but I do have a nice sounding porter named after me…

Mudshark Porter from Fish Brewing Company in Olympia Wa.

Sharky, Mudshark Porter is a scrumptious brew, most worthy of your on-line persona!

I visited the Fish brewery/pub in Olympia on several occasions (passing through on my way to Portland of course :slight_smile: ), and every pint coiffed was thumbs up. The food service there, on the first 1 or 2 visits was deliciously unique. No kitchen, so lunches/dinners consisted of fresh shucked oysters, imported cheeses, baked-a-minute-ago whole grain breads, and exotic sliced meats on a tray…best part was, they prepped it right there, on the bar! Unfortuately, the third or so time through, they’d gone and ruined it by getting themselves a proper kitchen. Food was still good though.

And the Stout! I’m hooked…reel me in…

A wonderful brew. :laughing:

I doubt anyone’s going to top that, although Sandman’s Sheepshagger comes pretty darn close.

This goes more with my avaitar… [color=black]Rogue Dead Guy Ale[/color]…

“[color=blue]Gratefully Dedicated to the Rogue in Each of Us[/color]”


Oh that sounds like a great brewpub! I have a good friend in Oly… her hubby works for Intel… now I have another excuse to go there.

Major Alert!!!

Just went to Breeze supermarket…

They are loaded with good beers from Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

No time to name everything now…

mini kegs of Bitburger and two or three other pilsners NT$ 880.

I just bought 5 cases… two Australian and 3 German (they have Jever!)

Check it out… The guy said this may be a one-time import… depends on how it sells.