Beer Alert & Directory IV


Jever feel like there’s a conspiracy against you when you look for Urquell Pills and they have every other Pils but that?


Yep, Jever is famous. One of the best known north German Pilsener style beers. Especially well known for pronounced bitterness. From a huge brewery, part of Radeberger group (biggest brewery group in Germany)


Have you tried it in Taiwan?

I found the Urquell here to taste a bit different than what I’ve had in the States. Cans should not make a difference, but here in Taiwan it’s not as good as I remember. In the States I had bottles, which was very good, and I had it on tap, which was world-class good.

I’m wondering what Germans think of Jever purchased here.


The Urquell I’ve had here seems sweeter that what I remember from my college days. Not sure if it’s actually different or because my palate has changed.


To me Urquell has a noticeable, distinctive, mineral crispness, and is just slightly bitter. Here that seems missing, and yeah the malt comes forward. Not sure it’s sweeter, but it does taste a little maltier here (to me).

I should add that I’ve only had like 3 500ml cans here. Sample size may be small.


Temperature, breakdown of malts in the can?


Maybe so, but I haven’t had any Urquell since before it turned super hot in the last week or so. Of course, what I had may have been stored somewhere else (hot) before it got to my local Family Mart.


Urquell tastes different between bottle and can. Carnegies has it in bottle.


There even is an urquell bar or restaurant somewhere downtown. Might have it on tap I guess.

I’m not a fan of bitter beers unfortunately, so I can’t comment on Jever or urquell much… Even though I’m drinking one of the latter right now. Got carried away by you guys talking about it :grin: prost!


Hanoi beer.


Is that any good? It looks a little thin.


Very good. German brew aftertaste. And of course great with the right food.

This place in Xizhi:


What was the hit to your wallet on a bottle? Noticeable or not noticeable? :beers:


Not the dishes I would’ve ordered, but it looks good.


I just returned from a trip to Minneapolis, where there are some damn fine breweries. Surly makes an IPA and it is Furious-ly awesome. And one of my all time favs,

It is a little funny when someone orders one like this… ‘I’ll have a Sweet Child’. Hahaha

There are some good beers in Taiwan but nearly impossible to find equivalents.


It’s what beer normally costs at restaurants here. Can’t remember, though.

Not what we normally get, either. Our kids got pho, and so the wife and I experimented with some different dishes.


Close, but I now think it’s that the aroma of Urquell gets up in my nose less from a can vs from a bottle or on tap.

Just finished off 2 of the 50cl cans from Family Mart, second one poured into a glass. Second one was a very, very good Pilsner Urquell, better than out of the can. Difference is getting the smell up in my nose, it seems.

Terrific mineral (hard water) flavor, just a hint of bitterness, very refreshing on a hot Taiwan afternoon.

Family Mart, the one-stop shop for American booze hounds in Taiwan. :yum:


I feel like the cans this year are better than the cans last year. Probably that batch just got the heat treatment


IAll the big boys are being made into one huge company with net result worse beer

Bless the little craft brewers

We have a few in and around berkeley
One in alameda
Just went to a cafe specializing in board games with pizza and hot sammmies and half pint beer on offer

hot pastrami Sammy washed down with a half pint of alameda hazy IPA. Sort of a cross between an unfiltered wheat beer and an IPA
Man both were good

Especially the beer

Now at a specialty cafe also in Berkeley for a shot of espresso on a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Yum yum

I do like berkeley

Specialty places pretty college girls all around

There are bums tho
But some of them are interesting

Bum lady met me crossing the street said
Hey why u got the Monterey T shirt ?

I said cuz I love the place

She said ‘Lier you ain’t even been there…you are Japanese

Oh ok

Been called a few things. … Japanese is a first

Maybe it’s cuz I’m SUMO sized ?

At Romeo’s

Intense like the one I had at the lobby bar at Halekulani


The Urquell is tasting better and better. On my balcony enjoying the sunset before the craziness starts again tomorrow.