Beer Alert & Directory IV


A little cooler today, but lately the weather’s screaming for a good gose. I worked out today - inside, with air conditioning - and still my clothes were wring-out soaked with perspiration when I got home. I would prefer to recuperate by drinking a large gose instead of Pocari Sweat.

Anybody run into one in Taiwan?


Yes, good idea. The whole “buck” idea’s not bad. Buckwheat for hefeweizen, bucktooth for an IPA with a bit of a bite to it, etc.


The imagery is confusing me. It’s called Buckskin, but there’s a horseshoe on the can? Any leathery notes in the finish?


Very weird. Couldn’t they ask even one native English speaker?


They have been advertising on ICRT radio in Chinese but not in English. Quite funny if they don’t want the English-speaking Market


Heard a PSA from their “traffic trainer” the other day about how you shouldn’t double park and that “just gonna be a minute to buy something” wasn’t a good enough excuse. Of course, this was in English… I think the demographic for that message really should be the local crowd. :2cents:


Buckskin beer ? Not appealing name.


Very soon Kavalan will come with whisky infused beers, as I was told.


I have seen IPA whiskey. (I think it was Highland Park).

I’m no whiskey connoisseur, but that’s pretty weird.


That’s all well and good. But I hope they get some marketing help so that they don’t end up calling it Rawhide or something similar.


We have very good whisky infused beers and other ‘infused’ beers, wine, calvados … they are more like aged for some months in casks from specific types of alcoholic goodness.


Taihu has a somewhat new place in Xinyi. All outdoor and standing but very popular in the evenings.


That’s been there for awhile. Before Breeze Xinyi even opened.

It’s a bit more popular now that Breeze is open though.


Did that yesterday


Will keep an out for the shoes next time :sweat_smile:


Is the picture on that glass a genie with a cobra turban?


Taihu Beer Company logo. Apple has an apple, Taihu has an abstract art thingy.


cool logo


Chuan Lien in Hualien. 50 NT German brew. Excellent.


I do that every day!