Beer Alert & Directory V - Roaring 20s edition

Do Taiwanese even buy the weird cocktail beers? Against my better judgement I tried the mojito one a couple nights ago and it tasted about as bad as I was expecting.

Russian (!) craft beer at a Neihu cafe. Huge selection and ok prices for takeaway. Chatted with the importers at the festival last weekend, very rare to see Russian craft outside Russia, the domestic market normally takes it all


Wow. And the bottles aren’t plastic.

Design-wise most are of the by now trite “punk” variety, but take note of the 1 liter one on the right - inspired by classic Russian patterns. Owner says local housewives like to buy it for the looks!

Ya, I like the “riots” one with the anarchy symbol. Too bad the Pussy Riot Beer name is already taken:

Buckskin Beerhouse Nanjing Branch
10457, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Section 2, Nanjing East Road

The Dunkel was ok.

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Did you try the Heller Bock? That’s the highlight there I think. If you like that style. Of course the whole place is overpriced and everything… but that beer… :heart_eyes: :beers:

How overpriced? I’m curious.

For example 450ml draft beer for 250NTD, 5 thin slices Taiwan pork for 180NTD.

Seems quite a bit higher than other yakiniku places. I enjoyed it, but more something for a special occasion.

I see. I think I’ll pass by Carrefour again to see if they still have the 6 packs at 188 NT :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just tried this one from Buckskin… quite smooth, robust but balanced stout, 7.5% = worthwhile trying

I was going to ask about this. No need anymore, I’m having it now and I kinda like it.

Both, each, of these Taiwan beers… Suck. I can now understand why people would not like the taste of beer.


The one on the left is meh, passable but not my cup of tea… More like the contrary. The one on the right is decent iirc.

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Can we include something that comes in a beer can by Taihu Brewing? Yes, it’s blue.

My second try and I liked it. If you need to change up the pace from beer, or something sour, try one.

8% ABV

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Um … what is it? Are we just buying cans of blue now?

I quite like that Oranjeboom gutrot in the green can on the left. Occasionally, anyway.

The one on the left is the only beer I ever poured down the drain. So did my alcoholic German ex boss. And yes, the comparison group (not poured down the drain) does include Heineken.

The right one is very decent, for me it’s a very good Schwarzbier

funny how tastes vary… I vote for the Buckskin pilsener; a pleasantly bitter “IPA-lite”

On this theme, the best IPA I’ve found was the Taihu IPA on tap at an outside craft market at Maji Square last week

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