Beer Alert & Directory V - Roaring 20s edition

What are you considering a “full flavored beer”? The regular Taiwan Beers are low ABV lagers, almost all of which are relatively light in flavor, similar-ish to a Bud.

I tried this when it was first introduced here a couple months back, mainly because I like regular Chang beer. This stuff was a strange coffee/beer combo tasting mostly like cold coffee. Wasn’t my taste and expense too at almost $100 as I remember.

Well this time around I’ve had a craft brew that was on par with everything “full flavor”, but what I meant was more robust and complex taste, and not watered down and a contrast from light beers, if that makes sense. Maybe during my last visit, I just so happened to be pulling the lighter beers, I dunno lol.

Can you name a few examples of what you like as full flavored?

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weisbier, Paulaner, Modelo Especial, Allagash White, Kilkenny Irish Cream, Grand Teton Amber, Russian River STS, heck, even Heineken or even Miller Genuine Draft will do in a pinch.

In other words, your typical lagers, pilseners, and some varieties of ale (I don’t do well with bitters like stouts and IPAs) that doesn’t have the word “light” in it, or even those that can be thought of as being a light beer.

Putting aside Heineken and MGD, sounds like “full flavored” to you largely means maltier beers and wheat beers. Not gonna get that from a low abv lager. . I have no explanation for you thinking Heineken and MGD are more flavorful than Taiwan beer. :wink:

Excellent choice! :+1:

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Like I said, in a pinch, as in if I went to a dive bar and that’s all they served haha


There was a time when Heineeee was a first choice go-to beer.

Now, can hardly drink Heineken. Disgusting…

Give me an 18-day, any day before the 19th-day, or after, also can (singlish) :pouring_liquid: :pouring_liquid: :pouring_liquid:

Dark beers, anyone finding those appealing lately?

Picked up Orion The Dark and really like it. Then found myself ordering Guinness a couple times recently enjoying it more than I usually do.

Good to try!

IPA mix pack at Costco.

No I’m not drinking in the morning. Meant to post it last night.

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Sweetwater generally ain’t bad, and I always want to like it (support the big (formerly) local craft brew), but always leaves me kinda eh. Hardly ever tempted to pick up a pack.

I had the same impression, but there is a dearth of west coast or even hazy IPAs here that taste right. Most of the imported IPAs here are English style so malty mixed with hoppy and not the citrus hops of the American style. Not a fan of those so I’ll take what I can get. Think I’ll pick up another pack before they’re gone.


These are decent. Simple smart has on offer. Three cans for NTD 110


to turn this topic away from IPAs and towards the topic of beers that are actually good: anyone got good recommendations for a good and easily accesible amber ale? Love those things around this time of year. Or really any time. But in the mood now.

I’ve tried the one on the left. It’d be so-so in the states, but definitely top-shelf here.

Mia C’Bon (or whatever the dumb name of the place that replaced Jason’s) currently has some good IPAs.

Imported beer scene is starting to improve again now that the pandemic and the supply chain crisis is over.

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Isn’t West Coast Hazy a contradiction?

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Had a good American brown from Bairds (Japanese craft). I bought it at the grocery in the basement of Breeze on Fuxing. I think it’s called Bad Boys or something. Hard to find good ambers and browns. But I’ve liked all the Bairds that I’ve tried.
@cdn1234 not Drew

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I bet you drink Stella Artois.