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I don’t know if many people here enjoy watching music videos. I have to admit that most of them I just ignore because it’s usually just the band or the artist jumping around like a monkey on stage.

But I do enjoy a good music video - one that is imaginative and entertaining and which seems to have a seemless “fit” with the music.

Today, music video’s often make or break a record.
There are some really creative and imaginative directors out there today, and while in recent times there has been alot of drivel regarding music videos, there have been some fantastic and imaginative videos which stand out from the crowd.

I’d like to nominate Jonathon Glazer’s video for “Street Spirit” as perhaps one of the most imaginative videos - 10 years old already. Jonathon Glazer also directed the video Virtual Insanity video by Jamiroquai.

…and also Michel Gondry’s video for the Chemical brothers’ “Let Forever Be” for superb choreography, surrealism and overall superbness. Michel Gondry (France) is perhaps one of my favourite ever directors.

Another absolutely stunning video is The Test, (Richard Ascroft/Chemical Brothers) by Nick Goffey and Dominic Hawley:

So, what’s your most brilliantest music video?

I’ve always rather liked Blur’s Coffee and TV

and Not Now John by Pink Floyd

A standout music video, which could be disturbing for some, in recent times for me is Africa Shox by Leftfield featuring Afrika Bambaata

and New Order’s Blue Monday stands the test of time.

Tom Petty had some of the best vids during the late eighties and early nineties

This vid by OK go! is the most recent standout music video I’ve seen.

Genius of Love!

Ah-ha "take me on’

Mary J. Blige’s “Everything”

And the final 7 mintues of the final episode of “Six Feet Under”(not a music video but should be one)

[quote=“Dangermouse”]I’d like to nominate Jonathon Glazer’s video for “Street Spirit” as perhaps one of the most imaginative videos - 10 years old already. Jonathon Glazer also directed the video Virtual Insanity video by Jamiroquai.[/quote]

I have heard of Radiohead, in fact, really really good things - but I am not familiar with their music or with what the members of the band look like. Thanks for introducing me to their music DM. Did you notice that the guy in the video looks like Clay Aiken’s twin brother? :laughing:


This music video from the US Navy is nice. :laughing:

Bjork in all her weirdness:

Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore

and everything by Chris Cunningham

(Portishead- Only you)

Ha - I forgot I posted this thread.

Yeah, me too - it’s a good video although I’m not too keen on the Pink Floyd vid. I like the navy one.

[quote=“sherryx”]Bjork in all her weirdness:

Cool - you can see her tits. :smiley: Seriously though, her videos and music are extremely surreal - I’ve always liked that video though.

Caly Aiken has a twin brother? :wink:

If you want to get into Radiohead, may I suggest you listen to The Bends first and then move on to OK Computer. Both are extrememly good albums, the latter being very atmospheric but still very rocky.
Their later stuff, although still very good, takes alot of work to get into.

Here’s another from The Bends album:


Definately not.


Yeah - that’s cool, thanks for that. I’ve heard them on the radio alot and have enjoyed their music but this is the first time I’ve seen one of their videos.
The Africa Shox video is wierd - there’s definately a meaning there somewhere.

(BTW, you Blue Monday link is wrong).

Yes - absolutely. That video is quite amazing. I remember listening to the song on a compilation tape whilst driving my frst ever car at the age of 17. Great video, superb band.

“Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.

“Learning to Fly” by the Foo Fighters.

[quote=“irishstu”]“Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.[/quote]

second that

Seven Nation Army from The White Stripes :stuck_out_tongue:

Their music radios always so good that actually make me forget what a lousy drummer Jack’s sister is :notworthy:

or… Blink 182 — > for some good laughs

This is even more meanie… see how they making fun of 70s

Bathtime in Clerkenwell by the Real Tuesday Weld

Your head will be bouncing to the tune.

Also I love Alison Goldfrapp in Twist -

Interesting to watch again and again to try and catch a glimpse at everything in the background.

And what about Buddy Holly by Weezer?

All the talk of rising from the dead elsewhere on forumosa put me in the mood for a little bit of resurrection. I think this thread is worthy of a second attempt at life.

Some of my favorites:

Katy Perry’s E.T. featuring Kanye West

Katie Melua’s I Cried for You

Kylie Minogue’s All the Lovers

One of my all time favorites,The Cardigan’s My Favorite Game

Wow, some really good videos here, my all time favorite is “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters

Talking Heads had some of the most interesting and innovative videos, for example,

“Once In A Lifetime”

“Wild Wild Life”

And just about anything from Stop Making Sense. Though it’s not my favorite song, the “Girlfriend Is Better” segment is one of the better-remembered ones.

And for lagniappe, here’s a terrific video from another band of that era: Devo - “Beautiful World”.