Best night market for food?

Which are the top 3 night markets for food in Taipei? I’m interested in checking them out but don’t know which ones to go to for food. Not interested in a bunch of Taiwanese souvenirs for tourists.

Thanks in advance. Would be cool if some could make a poll for all the ones and vote.

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I’ve always enjoyed lehua night market in yonghe, liaoning night market and gongguan is also good.
many people rave about raohe and ningxia night market, but I found them ok only, not exceptionally good

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Raohe is shite.


Yeah I don’t :tent: with Raohe.

Actually I don’t :tent: with any night markets after like the first week I was here. Night markets are for tourists and kids.

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Some good night markets for food in Taipei

  • Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市
  • Nanjichang Night Market 南機場夜市
  • Jingmei Night Market 景美夜市

Is difficult to tell which one is the best , I think it depends on what kind of food are you looking for

In this blog you can find other options of night markets


Shilin Night Market

My go-to:

  • Jipai Fried Chicken (there’s a line on the corner of the market next to the MRT, can’t miss it)
  • Lemon/Orange fresh juice drink
  • Crispy Chicken Skin wrapped sausage
  • Baozi (best one though is in Tonghua market)
  • Fruit Vendor lady - pineapple, dragon fruit, melon, mango, etc

Gongguan is recent fave as well - also check out the ramen store Yamarashi down the alley from the street vendors if you’re in the area. Need to try the Guabao pork bun taco thing next time as well

Tonghua - they have really good baozi, probably the best in Taiwan imo

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Sort of disagree on the last point - the night markets certainly seem popular with Taiwanese people of all ages! But it’s been years since I’ve actually made a point of visiting one. A long while ago, my views on food shifted from “Wow, so cheap!” to “Uh oh, too cheap” - and that shift disqualified most night market food.

There is one:

See also:


Raohe has best stink dofu, 45nt$

Lady (Not thin)works alone , wears a baseball hat and has a jesus sign on the wall,

She has real chili oil for spicy folks and her cabbage actually tastes good.

Did go to ningxia but way too inconsistent and now its very blah … and small…
and dai’s house of stink also inconsistent and actually expensive

If there is a better stink out there i will travel and then i become a tourist…

There are no tourists in tw now why are markets full?
Markets are for fast food late, and im a vegetarian most grandma restaurants close 7:30…

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I still like shilin the OG night market

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My information is all outdated but I used to have a favorite based on what food I was looking for.

Shida for their 水煎包

Raohe for the stinky dofu

Zhongyuan in Zhongli for the mala dofu

Jingmei for fruit, 木瓜牛奶,餡餅

Shilin if you didn’t know what you want

I’m sure it’s all different now though. If I had friends visiting, I’d usually take them to Shilin and Raohe.

I got tired of Shilin night market. Still cheap looking (and feeling) food but it’s way too expensive for what it is. I understand Shilin is popular which means the rent is sky high, but still for what you get it’s too expensive.

I think down south is where night market is at…

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Is this a joke? Shilin has the cheapest rent in Taipei city.


Housing rent does not equal commercial rent.

This must be why shilin night market is so expensive.

Especially for commercial rent, being located just 10 meters away can often reduce the price of rent by over 50%! It’s all about whether or not it has lots of traffic and exposure, and landlords charge for it. Wanhua is actually pretty cheap for Taipei city too but go look at the price of commercial places in Ximen and tell me that it’s the cheapest place in Taipei.

A monthly rent of around 600k - 1 million NTD is not unheard of!

Shilin has the best pepper pork buns, on Jihe Rd.


I know this one its in New Taipei city, but Tamsui night market maybe n the best food but the best views around yes.
Anyway but what its true is Taipei does not have the best night markets in Taiwan.
have better food choices

I went to shilin today and it was wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My pick is jilong miaokou, always digged that one. most of the taipei ones i would put on the same level. Possibly because i’ve been to them a million times each.

I have a friend who had a stall in shillin before, hella crazy rent.
Its not even cheap for renting an apartment. Gain is on one as usual.

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Raohe has a pretty good pepper bun. Honestly, outside of that, I don’t remember any of my night market food experiences in Taipei.

I’m a regular at Luodong night market since it’s where my wife grew up. I’ll always get a lamb/water spinach over rice (with extra rice) whenever I’m there.

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I walked through there lately, I got some bo ba near the 7 out front.

Luodong night market has better runbin than anything I’ve found in Taipei.

Then again, so does Hsinchu and Zhongli. :rofl: