Best Pizza in Taipei


Will plug again, give Big Boyz a shot

I always ask for well done


No never been. The only places we get pizza at is solo pizza and antico forno on reian st in Da an. I also heard zuca pizza is good, haven’t tried it yet.


He said he liked Little New York.


Can someone please take all the comments about pizza and put it in a pizza discussion and not a hamburger and hotdog discussion.

I’ll never find it in the future.


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Maryjane Pizza NTU tastes great and pizza was full of toppings, not just a couple pieces like most places.

Maryjane Pizza
No. 89, Wenzhou Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 2369 5333


I like Zoca. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap.


I second Zoca. Their desserts are good too. I wouldn’t say it’s expensive…mid-range maybe.


I’ll third Zoca great taste but not nearly as much quantity of toppings as Maryjane. That’s expected for a more traditional style.


Zoca and Solo Pizza uber alles.


yup solo pizza!


I didn’t know about Solo. New place to try.


Maryjane and Solo are now on my list. Time to punch a new hole in my belt.


not really that good. Just my opinion though.


If only you could get an actual Maryjane pizza here, like you can in Cambodia…


Solo Pizza and Zoca are different styles of pizza but they’re both legit. It’s a bit like saying:“Would you rather spend a night with Scarlett Johanson or Mila Kunis?”, there’s no wrong answer there.


That’s a tough one. V depends on the mood.


Scarlett all the way. She’s a better actress. :sunglasses:


Mila Kunis is a…random actress. Sometimes she performs well, sometimes she looks like a droid.


You mean so you could eat way too much pizza, so much that you don’t even really feel anything, until you wake up paranoid and shaking the next day and then spend about 36 hours cowering in a cheap hotel in Phnom Penh, too scared to go get food, and find that you never enjoy that special ingredient ever again, for the rest of your life?

Er, I’m asking for a friend. Hypothetically. Or something.