Better options than the iPhone?


I heard apple will make a already launch a new iPhone this year and it will be a bigger one than the plus.


The HTC U12 is looking promising. Rumor is that it will be announced in April.


S9 or Note 8, after moving to Samsung/Android I never looked back. I’m not tied to Brand just performance and ease of use so may switch back if Apple makes something better. I don’t know how I ever got by without a back button or split screens plus Android does way more than what iOS allows.

I still appreciate Apple for some computers.


hmm… any more updated info?
I have a Pixel 2 XL and LOVE it! ridiculously good pictures with its photo algoryhmth based on googles vast photo database.
I recently azquired a 128GB pixel 2 (small one) and its been sitting in its box (got it free with my brothers on a valantines day BOGO)
will probably have to pay em all off before i ship over, however, two things
anyone want a pixel 2 before its TW release date? (hehe)
will they actually work there before their release?
i could sell it here and get an s9 plus before we fly over in june.

just a side note… having my phone update to a newer versoin of android MONTHS before others (for example, i am two versions above what the s9 ships with) is pretty awesome.
however. battery on the XL is just ok. it will last a day. barely. it does charge really fast.
and it also has a battery save function, which effectively makes it las 1.5 days of heavy use.
i use it all day playing music to bluetooth speakers or headsets as i drive and study and now, at 11:25pm… it has 41% battery. ive used its screen maybe half the day. that said, this is with battery saver mode turned on.

another little hack, which is nice. you get 2yrs of unlimited photo and video storage on google.
on anything loaded by the phone.
so i put my Fuji pics on my phone, and cloud them from there. and effectively have a free online library vastly greater than my overstuffed 15gb.
after the 2yrs from date of purchase, you can still access your pics, i believe the phone just stops cloud synching.

it has a search photos function which is kinda useful too. finds documents, cars, people by their face (you can name your family members and it makes albums automatically)
some of these features are kinda scary. but, its thouroughly encoded… so…


btw. i sold my iphone 7 plus cuz i hated siri. and felt my ROMed note 4 was better and easier to use (it already knew my trilingual vocab use). until i got the pixel.
that said. the pixel has sadly not learned that Juancho is my brother, and that the other 3 Juan xxx in my phonebook are people i rarely call.
Siri couldnt call my wife half the time tho. even though i specifically taught her that that contact was my wife.


I just need top of the line photos for work reasons. We are on a tight budget, so a Pixel should do. As to when…no word yet here in Taiwan.


There are no better options than the iPhone. Samsung is garbage. HTC is garbage #2.


FIFY :stuck_out_tongue:



I think I made the mistake of buying non-flagship phones from HTC.

My HTC 10 Evo hit the one year mark and decided it just didn’t want to work properly anymore AND it decided to take my SD card as hostage and kill it.

I hate how I’m such a cheapo when it comes to anything not related to cycling stuff.


I had a Samsung Galaxy something a couple of years ago and it didn’t even “didn’t want to work properly”. It just died, after a year or something. Like out of nowhere boom! Became a piece of useless glass.


I gave HTC a chance with their Butterfly S. It started to lag after just a few months and the camera had the defect which caused pics to have a weird purple hue in lower light shots.

I was coming off my Samsung Galaxy S2 at the end of the contract and just wanted to try the HTC. After that, I went back to Samsung for the S6 and now am using the S7. All 3 Samsungs have been rock solid and take fantastic pics. Only reason I changed to the S7 was because I found a good deal on a used one last year, which would have been about the same price to replace the broken glass on the front and back of my S6.


Fixed it for you both.

My HTC 10 has been great.
Great pictures, no slow down, does everything I want it to do. Strong build. I have dropped it many times and still good as new. Good looking phone too.

I HATE this all glass trend that everyone is doing now. Bring back all metal bodies!
I had hopes for the HTC U12, but it appears it too will have an all glass body. The internals look great though.


I don’t use touchwiz. Nova launcher works great.


You’re possibly the only person in the world that is die hard HTC.

I’m just too lazy to learn another brand’s Android UI, so I just stay with HTC.


After the 10, with the direction they are going with an all glass body, I will switch to the Pixel.
Not a die hard fan, just saw a great phone and bought it.


A great phone should not need a 3rd party launcher. That is part of the problem.


None of them are going to be “perfect.” It’s nice that we have the option of 3rd party software/hardware to tweak them to the point that they are closer to perfect for each person.

Actually, I never thought touchwiz was all that bad. What don’t you like about it?


I’m thinking the same. Some reviews were saying that the XL didn’t live up to its hype and to just go with the regular sized 2.

I’m hoping it isn’t 10,000NT+ with 2 year contract when it released.


NT$29,999 for new Samsung S9+. Is beautiful to look at.