Better options than the iPhone?


And putting a launcher on it doesn’t get rid of touchwiz. It’s just underneath anyway slowing everything down.


Anyone with experiences with Xiaomi brand phones? My work provided me with the Xiaomi Redmi (budget phone) and I’ve been using it for about 7 months. I enjoyed it so much I traded my own personal phone for a Redmi. Just a simple phone for about NT5,000-NT6,000.


That’s why my brother wanted the small pixel 2 with extra GB. He uses it to film interviews.
I really like the ñictues mine takes. Some even look HDR. Just really nice color toned


So has anyone had any luck finding a Pixel or Pixel 2 in Taipei for a similar price they’re selling on Google?

Seems my HTC 10 Evo doesn’t want to live another day and has died. Despite it still functioning correctly, the screen goes dark and doesn’t want to reset itself. I’ve almost accidentally locked the SIM card a few times.

I really can’t go on like this, so I need a new phone by the end of the weekend.

I remember @chichihuil you brought over a few Pixel 2s from overseas? Not sure if I’ll be able to meet you this weekend as you’re in Kaoshiung.

@SlowRain any idea where to buy in Taipei or a suggestion for an Android phone? I haven’t given up on HTC because I know my 10 EVO isn’t flagship, but I would be open to trying something new from the other major brands.


The HTC U11 (last year’s flagship) had good reviews, but this year’s U12+ isn’t faring so well. Best to avoid it.

If it were me and I couldn’t find a U11 anywhere, I’d be looking at Asus or Sony. I’d research a Sony phone that could also handle SailfishOS because I’m curious about Android alternatives (by that I mean some Sony phones come preloaded with Android, but you can install SailfishOS at a later date if you want). Your situation may be different though.


I’m willing to give HTC another chance and I’m hearing ok things about the U11. After 6 (maybe 7) HTCs , this 10 EVO is the first one to really suddenly die on me. The others slowly deteriorated, which was a given.


What’s good about Pixel or Pixel 2?
Not seen one myself.

Your key decision factors are battery life, or storage space, or?


My Sony Z3 finally died. I wanted an iPhone X but didn’t want to pay the price. I just bought a Asus ZenFone 5z with 6G RAM and 128GB of internal storage. So far, I love it. But then again, I think I’d like any new phone after having the same phone for 4-5 years.


Buying Pixel/Pixel 2 I know have the one of the best cameras on the market and I also like to have things that not many people use.

External storage space is probably my most important requirement. I download a lot of videos from my GoPro and do quick edits to them on the fly and they take up heaps of space. Nothing less than 64g on board HD space is necessary.

The next is water resistance. I’m out on my bike every weekend and sometimes, it rains. I do not like putting my phone in a pouch or plastic bag, so I need the phone to have high IPX water resistance.

From what I can tell, processors haven’t been making big leaps in speed, so as long as it’s a name brand Snapdragon proc, I’m not complaining.


Pixel 1 has no water proofing, don’t get that if you need to get it wet. I have both 1 and 2 XL…they are the smoothest Android phones I’ve ever owned (I’ve owned a lot). I still use the 1 as my travel phone, it has no noticeable slowdown from when I bought it (a month after release). I bought mine locally using shoppee or ruten. They sell for a slight premium over the US cost.

I’ve had no issues with my 2 XL, had it about 6 months now.

And yes, the camera is amazing.


The Pixel 2XL had more issues than the regular Pixel 2. There were some issues with the Pixel 2, but I believe they were corrected with software updates.


You just described my Samsung S7. Could probably pick one up fairly cheap since the S9 is out.


Do any of the new phones out there has a battery that can be changed, old school style, like my LG G4? I am going to miss that feature in any new device. It is a life saver, so convenient.


The Asus ZenFone 5z is not water resistant.


Thanks for the replies guys.

To my surprise, Pixel 2 is available on Yahoo bid, but not as many on ruten or shopee. The premium prices for brand new is definitely way too much. It retails on Google for roughly 19.500NT and the closest price I’m seeing (for brand new) is 21,000NT, which is really tipping point for how much I’d pay for it.

Thanks for the input @squall1 , I know if I do spend a lot on it, that it won’t deteriorate on me.

@SlowRain , I think I’m done with big screen phones, so I’ll stick to the 2. It’s nice when watching videos, but taking it out and texting or taking a pic is a nightmare for my small hands.


I don’t have small hands, but I don’t like large screens either. My HTC 10 is 5.2" (but it has bezels), and it’s about the most I can handle one-handed. Plus, I think larger phones just lead to people using them more.


Xiaomi mix 2s. Not the smallest of bezels but solid camera if you don’t do alot of low light photography.

Downside if the selfie camera is on the bottom


What are you doing when the screen goes dark? If your hand is near or somewhat covering the proximity sensor, that will happen. Often, when I’m playing games on my phone, and part of my palm is anywhere near the proximity sensor, the screen will dim until the screen is barely visible.


This thread has been rather civilised. Unlike some other websites such as gsmarena. Almost any opinion expressed and you are either called a fanboy or a hater. Passions with smartphones run deep among some people. I guess not here which is a good thing.


Not doing much. It just decides whether it wants to go dark or not.

I’ve put it under light and it won’t adjust.

aaaand now…just heard that Pixel 3 will come out in October?