Better options than the iPhone?


@ranlee. Look at it at “contraluz”. Um… Crosslight?
When the screen is off.
You can. See I think there sensors next to the earpiece.
So, if you swipe down during a call, you can do so from the far right a d it won’t go dark.

I love the camera on this phone.
That is why I bought it.
I switched from 2 XL to the small one while Google replaced my XL, and haven’t gone back. I do miss the screen. But, the maneuverability of thisil guys just so much better.
Esp for street a d temple photograñhy. Hahaha
If you havent tried the portrait setting do. It’s good for more than. Portraits.

BTW guysz I do have SIX Pixel 2 XLs new I’m box, all new from Google as of just before I flew here… So,may/June.
Variety of black and Panda as well as 64 and 128GB. (Some are Google replacements of Verizon phones. All unlocked)

The unlimited cloud uploading is good on a y account you choose to add, and I believe last till 2021.
Yes, you can upload other devixwmovies and pics through your phone.
I have a usb-c card reader and I load all my Fuji XT-20s pics onto my phone to be clouded. 300GB and counting.
I’m not sure if it will cloud ripped movies a well, but I have had no issues.
It also auto.ariy asks you if you want to save images and movies recieved es, by email, whatsapp FB etc.
Makes their own folder on Google photos.
They are rarivy easy to organize either on the ñbobe itself or on PC.

PM me.
Accepting offers.
TOOLS! Circular saw, drill, sander etc. Wood. I need to remodel our first floor to make it into our ice-cream. Cafe.
Also. If anyone has or knoWS where to get a glass-top freezer! Would be amazing!
Bike (prefer carbon, can add cash, or alum plus ur cash) I am 164cm usually size 51-52, tho my TT was 49
My wife is 160.
Scooter would probbe useful too. Or a CPI250 :wink:
Or a grass tracker. Coolest bike ever!
Sorry. No disk brakesz no go. Bad experiences.
Def open to suggestions.
If cash, can do 7-11 COD.
Or may be able to deliver on weekends. Have class at NCKU In Tainan. M-Fb


Apparently the autocorrect isn’t very good on it, though. :wink:


Haha. Yeah. Well, I have spanish, English a d Portuguese dictionaries on it, which it is suprisingly good at differentiating, however, I am still used to finger typing on a bigger board. Funny how that works.
Been on the Lil one just a couple of weeks.
I miss the handwriting on the screen function my Sony Ericsson P990 had ten years ago. Why did they ever do away with that? And it was HALF the size of this “small” phone… ;-(


Oh oh. I need handwriting for Chinese. As you guys know, I don’t do pinyin.


Google pixel 2 giveaway here


I ended up getting a very lightly used Pixel 2 from a seller on Shopee.

For 17,000NT (negotiated down from 18,500NT), I got the 128gb, black AND the seller included the Google Buds with the purchase. Not sure if that was included in the price, but that retails for around 4000NT.

After 3 days use, I can easily tell that it’s the best Android experience I’ve ever had with no bloatware. The camera is pretty spectacular too.


The Pixel 2 was made by HTC. It should be decent.

It uses Sony’s camera, doesn’t it?


I think the important part is that it uses Google’s image processing SW…


I heard the 2 was LG and 2XL was Samsung.

Could have heard wrong, but either or, it’s awesome.


The 3 will be out in October. Fully waterproof sounds good to me. I think moisture is what gets most of my phones in the end.


Pretty sure you misunderstood. Pixel 2 was made by HTC. And LG made the 2XL.


I’m thinking about the Huawei P20 Pro for dual sim and waterproofness. Any feedback on this phone?


It’s been very well recieved. The three things typically cited as negatives are Chinese brand (Gov’t spyware?), no headphone jack, not pure Android.

If I wasn’t happy with the Google product I’d probably be trying the P20 Pro.


‘not pure Android’, in what way?
Can it use Play Store to download apps?
Is it dual standby or dual active?


It can use the Play Store…don’t know about the dual sim functionality…

It’s not stock Android, like most phones from major manufacturers. It runs the Huawei EMUI interface on top. The advantage of running stock is it is less likely to slow down over time (less bloat) and the updates come as soon as Google publishes them…anything that isn’t stock means you wait a considerable amount of time or in some cases never even see the promised update.


Crap. It’s standby. Guess I’m still shopping.


I’ve been looking for an excellent dual SIM active a long time, hopefully with a bigger size screen.
Anyone with ideas?
I’ve googled “dual active” to death.


I got a Mi6 last year. Guess there must be a newer version on the market now.

In my case, both SIMs work for in- & outgoing calls and texts, though you can disable one if you please (for instance to extend battery life or to not let people call you with work-related issues on weekends after you had a drink or 14). You can only activate data on one SIM, if I remember correctly.


Gsmarena website has specs and it’s dual standby. Thanks though


This is how most dual SIM phones work, like my Samsung S9.