Biden’s Southern Border Policies

A. Travel in a truck with ten other guys from Mazatlán where the minimum wage is less than $1 per hour to Tijuana where you sneak across the border into the U.S. A van picks you up on the other side and transports you to a sanctuary city in Oregon where the white boss provides you with housing. No one will bother you there because it’s a sanctuary city.
B. Work ten hours a day seven days a week for $12 an hour and no benefits roofing, doing construction, painting and landscaping. No deductions. No taxes because it’s cash under the table and you don’t exist as far as the system is concerned.
C. In October when the weather starts to turn head back to Mexico and buy a new pickup truck with cash and do some re-modeling on the house to keep the wife and in-laws happy.
D. Repeat

I can’t think you really think this is accurate.

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Something we can all agree on, getting people of this ilk not employed by taxpayer money ASAP.

President Joe Biden called for funding to investigate complaints of white supremacist beliefs at U.S. immigration enforcement agencies in his first budget request to Congress on Friday, but officials offered no explanation for what prompted his request.

The Biden administration is asking Congress to increase the funding level for workforce oversight offices within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to $470 million, a 22% increase over the current level, for the fiscal year that begins in October.

The additional funding would ensure that workforce complaints - “including those related to white supremacy or ideological and non-ideological beliefs” - are investigated quickly, according to a summary of Biden’s budget proposal.

The Biden administration has made battling domestic extremism a priority. An October 2020 DHS report said domestic violent extremists, including white supremacists, pose “the most persistent and lethal threat” to the United States.

Border patrol agents faced scrutiny in 2019 when media outlets exposed racist and misogynistic comments posted to a private Facebook group for current and former agents. Posts included jokes about the deaths of migrants and sexually explicit comments referring to U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat like Biden.

The budget summary released on Friday did not make a similar funding request for the U.S. military, which has also faced concerns over white nationalism and other extremism in its ranks. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is under pressure to show progress fighting extremism after current and former military service members were found to have participated in a Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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Clown world.
If you want to find such people, you will. Especially when you are paid to.

I’m not sure what you’re inferring here. What exactly?

They will spend a shit load of money and find a few evil white people - company or group paid to needs to to justify their existence (so they can win more contracts in the future). Then the government can blame those evil people for the failure of say ICE and that it will be restructured to be more inclusive or whatever buzz word is in vogue with the far left (bigots).

If those evil people are present and affecting ICE, I’d argue money well spent.

Rooting out the white supremacists sounds more exclusive than inclusive, no?


You’re not in favor of getting White supremacists out of the US government?


They will find about 5 of them - probably a few goons who have confederate flags and are not actual white supremacists. Will they also look for black supremacists and other groups? No, because that won’t generate media hits and funding.
And policing speech outside your work is wrong. Even if it ‘offensive’.

Are there white supremacists?
I guess as the dem party founded the KKK, there will be some in the US government.
Why stop at white supremacists? Why not communists too? Christians, Muslims, anyone who doesn’t toe the party line?
If you target one or two groups and not all of them (a far left trait - Pol Pot, etc…), what is the point?

That’s an awfully speculative prediction, no?

I’m not sure why there are quotes there. If someone advertises their white supremacy, do you not think they should be fired?

Any business, let alone government, would, and should do this.

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If someone’s belief systems have an adverse effect on their job, then they should not be employed to do the work. Same with mental capacity.
Then again we are in a time when a president doesn’t know his ass from his elbow and signs pieces of paper that he has no idea what is written on them.
As always, it’s only ‘white supremacy’ that is evil. That ticks the boxes.

Prosecuting thought crimes? Now that’s progress.

They aren’t thought crimes if you advertise them. :brain:

They’re not even crimes.

They retain their free speech. The problem I think is the lack of ability to discern free speech from entitlement to a job.

Not sure these WS types will ever be able to wrap their noggins around that though.

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The point is to get rid of white supremacists from the US government. The size of the Capitol riot alone should tell you there are more than 3 people.

Good attempt at deflection/whataboutism, but those are not the domestic terrorist groups that attacked the US Capitol.

Just to make sure, you are against getting rid of white supremacists from the US government, right? Yes or no? This is an eeeeeeeeasy box to tick on the quiz

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It’s always funny to me that US law enforcement has IDed these groups as a significant domestic threat, yet I remember a time when a tweet was enough to be convincing of the antifa threat, for some.

For decades, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has routinely warned its agents that the white supremacist and far-right militant groups it investigates often have links to law enforcement. Yet the justice department has no national strategy designed to protect the communities policed by these dangerously compromised law enforcers. As our nation grapples with how to reimagine public safety in the wake of the protests following the police killing of George Floyd, it is time to confront and resolve the persistent problem of explicit racism in law enforcement.

I know about these routine warnings because I received them as a young FBI agent preparing to accept an undercover assignment against neo-Nazi groups in Los Angeles, California, in 1992. But you don’t have to take my word for it. A redacted version of a 2006 FBI intelligence assessment, White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement , alerted agents to “both strategic infiltration by organized groups and self-initiated infiltration by law enforcement personnel sympathetic to white supremacist causes.”

Sounds like Biden is addressing something in dire need of it, based on evidence not from tweets.

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Just to make it official you can start calling it the People’s Democratic Republic of America.

I’m not sure what this is supposed to imply.

People aren’t entitled to jobs under the US constitution. As I said before, it’s an issue of entitlement that often gets misunderstood.

The article did say ‘and other extremism in its ranks’.
Of course for you (and the groups looking) only white people or white supremacists are and can be extremists it seems. So stick your ‘whataboutism’ claim in the clown file.
How did you ascertain all those at the capital in January were ‘white supremacists’?
Why wasn’t the BLM agent provocateur who filmed himself there lynched as well as other non whites?
Nice try at trying to get a Red Guard answer out of me. I answered it in a previous message.