Bike accident, woman wants to sue after hitting ME with her bike

Hey all,

I had a situation this morning. I was walking through my local day market to catch the bus (on foot, a pedestrian).

When I was blindsided by an old woman on a bike, she yelled at me, hit me and fell off her bike hurting her foot.

  • basically she was trying to turn left down the street and I was walking straight ahead.

She was fine, and we both walked away from the accident … but she was angry and with the help of a local at the bus stop (to translate) now wants to sue me…

I didn’t give her much info, just my first name and phone number, but I don’t think I’m at fault for this! She was one a bike and didn’t yield to me.

What do you think??

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In case you are involved in an accident always call the police. Any accident really, even if everyone says they are fine or it is not your fault. There are too many ways to be held liable in court and Taiwanese know it.


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Gave your name? Why?
I knock people over and say sorry , and then they say sorry . Then i keep steppin or ridin ,the end.


You have foreigner privilege.
Please see examples of white privilege on how you will be dealt with.
Good luck and go change SIM cards… like… immediately.


No police report, vehicle etc. If anything she will take you to a meeting.where ahe will try and.wiggle She cant win.

Go to the doctor now and ckmplajn.about twisted.back, get a statement stating.accident. If youre really worried.

If you truly are in tge rjght, go.get a police report it.on video. They probably have a camera at a.bus stop.

Sounds.unlikely she could do anythung, even by taiwanese standards. But she was probably jhst and its.over now.


:arrow_right: :howyoudoin: :banana: :crazy_face: :older_woman: :handbag: :rant:. Good advice above.
She’s trying to threaten you cos you are a foreigner. I would have gone right back at , give me your ID I’m going to sue you for cycling into me and hurting me. Grab your arm and play act just like the :dog:.


…are you typing under the influence?


No. My phone is trash. And often 2 letters merge into one and can only be typed that way. same with space and period buttons, merge together. Sorry, know what it, but beyond my control.


Wasn’t there a poster on here a while back who got sued by the scooter driver after being hit by a scooter while getting off a bus? Maybe he/she could offer some advice if reading. Best of luck OP.

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Not much she can do without a police report.

I would suggest next time don’t give your number and name unless it’s to the police.


A bike is a vehicle, do you mean there was only one vehicle?


Also if police :policewoman: showed up it woodben funny seeing grandma getting breathalyzed , or is that just for kids that run their plastic trike into a car .
She was probably sippin that wine


I remembered one, a ubiker crossing a street never touched a scooter and he paid a grip

I rode a Youbike through our neighborhood day market this morning. Well it’s a normal lane, just has these stall opening up in the morning, so it’s it not illegal and I always yield and ride at a snail’s pace.

Having said that, I HATE people riding through the crowded market, especially on scooters. Taiwan life.


I’ve had one of these Grandma’s clip my feet in the market a few times… Maybe I’ll have a case next time. I can sue for big money :laughing:

Op, the woman was probably just embarrassed and got angry. Like was said above, I don’t think you’ll be hearing from her


This is really good advice, I’ll follow it if I need to.

She ( the granny) called me to yell at me some more, but my Chinese friend was with me and really told the grandma off. She was asking me to foot her hospital bills after a month or something ridiculous, my friend just told her no, I’m not doing that it’s not my responsibility or problem. Don’t call again, basically the same as you said… there’s no police report, if it was serious then she should have called the police then… not waited two hours and called me personally back and asked me for cash. It’s just a scam.


Then stop in front of you blowing Exhaust fumes in your face! from an Ancient scooter that should be of the road!