Black Lives Matter and Their VERY OWN Thread

I stopped taking LeBron seriously when he spread his cheeks for Xi


Shut up and play basketball? Don’t say anything until you’ve informed yourself of the facts? Pretend to read a book on Malcom X? Don’t demonize someone who just saved the life of a black girl? Ask why none of the adults in the area stopped the girl?

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Never started, I’ll listen to a pro athlete talk about their experiences that can be interesting or their take on their sport, but other than that, I’ll get my opinions on everything else from elsewhere.

There is a real disconnect with reality, some guy was asking a crowd of BLM supporters how many unarmed black men did they think the police killed last year, and they are like 1000’s, it was actually something like 12.

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I always find it odd how BLM don’t protest when some innocent black kid is gunned down in Chicago by a criminal.

Yet a cop shoots a would-be murder–riots.

Surely the big problem is blacks getting killed by other blacks.

It’s called the tail wagging the dog, the media place a very strong emphasis on white cop and unarmed black men cases that reality is distorted for many. The further left you go, the greater the distortion from the truth.

Great study here goes into actual numbers, perceived numbers and by who (left or right) lines up with videos I saw recently where some BLM folks were being interviewed and were calling the killing of unarmed black people happening in the 1000’s a year (there were 12 last year) and a genocide.

Actually a great study, get’s a lot of perceptions from both sides wrong. For example.

In France, the average person in 2016 thought that the country was 31% Muslim; the correct answer was 7.5%. In the U.S. and Canada, the same survey shows that people estimated their countries to be 17% Muslim, compared with the actual 1% and 3%, respectively. Anti-immigration whites overestimate more than liberal whites.

It just goes to show people are WAY off in their estimates of what is going on, but their bias’s play a role in that and the media plays an important role too.

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Well, they should. What they do presently seem to do is not conducive to the idea that informing the public good not be directly related to any particular policy. Bill Maher spoke to this last week. The Left is woefully misinformed about covid hospitalization rates for example.

Did anyone ever think they weren’t doing this? Buller? Bueller…

Deep state same old same old.

Malignant leadership…ouch…that’s gonna trigger someone;

Double ouch.

It won’t. For the Black Lives Matter and Antifa fascists the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. The lynch mob doesn’t give a damn about George Floyd or black lives. They haven’t got the slightest interest in the justice or injustice of any case, this one included. Their attitude is: How can we use this case to advance our real agenda which is overthrowing the American political and economic system and instituting a totalitarian state?

They do all the time. The whole movement is predicated upon that idea. (Sometimes it’s Chicago, sometimes it’s St Louis, sometimes Kenosha). BLM’s most ardent haters only care when that criminal is another black man though, because it ticks off the ‘black on black violence’ box.

Good, I thought it was odd when the Love Trumps Hate poster went up on my (shared) classroom door. When I mentioned Putting up a MAGA sign for equity of ideology…it came down.

This is much better. If you want the conversation, have it. Don’t hobble people who hold opposing views for the get go. :popcorn: