Break Up

Never thought of that
Ten is worth it

But I don’t know if your medical record shows the need to see a shrink often how that would look ?

It is definitely possible, and a future employer may indeed use that info against you (legally or not).

It can also be used to up your insurance premiums for non-employer-funded health insurance, including drug plans.

Not saying that any American should avoid mental health care. I’m just saying that it leaves a record that may result in higher health insurance premiums years down the road. It may also be used as a screening tool for some jobs (again, legally or not).

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Why would it? I don’t go to the school counselor. lol

And I don’t care. I see a therapist and it makes me try harder to be a better person. I’m OK with that. :wink:

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How would the employer find out though?

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I must admit I went to the school counselor once and I was very distressed because I thought my first girlfriend might not be a virgin and not because of me
I was near tears ( ah primo amore )

She said I had to deal with it…so much for school shrinks …

But I was comforted when I went out of her office and ran into a buddy who just got his Gibson SG

And I was so thrilled to hold that guitar in my hands I forgot about the GF and her lack of decorum and virginity

I know …I should see a shrink

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Taiwan doesn’t have counselors that accept nhi. There are shrinks at the hospital and nhi covers that, but they will talk to you for a few minutes and prescribe pills or tests.

Then there is the fact that seeing a shrink can hurt you, legal or not.

If you wish to conform to society, then mental health is something they rather sweep under the rug. Like actually seeking help makes you look like you’re a Lonnie.

Which FACT is that? Some horrible personal anecdote like Tommy’s massive ego and his defiled GF? lol

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Try getting a security clearance or gun license in anti gun states if you see a shrink consistently. It’s against HIPPA but who cares.

But seriously I’m sure many shrinks do a wonderful job

Have you?

From their own medical insurance company’s records, for one.

My last employer was a privately held company that was self-insured (so they bargained for health services and just paid directly).

For some positions they performed online searches of job candidate personal histories and were able to piece together pretty darn accurate medical histories. They were all about rewarding merit and proactively screened out candidates with poor health, including poor mental health. Legal or not.

Ok. That would be a company I’d leave asap. Was that in America?

Have you ever considered that you might need some kind of therapy? Or that you might be gay? I’m not making fun of you. It’s a real possibility. If you were happy with banging your way over the surface of the Earth more power to you - as long as you’re honest about who you are and what you want. But you’re obviously bothered by this inability to form long term relationships. Do you have any real, offline people to talk to about this?

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The odds are very good that they’d leave you first.

Obviously I don’t know you, so obviously this cannot be a dig at you. My point is that if this company was satisfied with your performance, they would shower you with $$. After 5 years you had 30 days personal time (annually), plus US holidays, and they were excellent at making sure you got to use all your time off.

If they hired you then soured on you, though, they’d shower you instead with hints that it would be best to move on. Then you should leave, no question.

If they liked you, though, they were very persistent and very generous.

Anyway, like I said they are all about merit, and they are very successful.

First of all I don’t practice homosexuality.
Second, I don’t need any therapy.
Third, the reason why I get bothered is because some people in society have
this shallow mind to think that there is something wrong with me if I am not
able to form long term relationships. I get bothered because they seem to want
to repress me into their insecurities over not being hooked up in a relationship.
Not to mention people in the faith communities, they are the worst because they
like to use marriage as a weapon against single people. That’s why I am not
well committed to the church anymore. (Got no chance there anyway because there
too many old people in the churches).
I am not going to allow myself to be repressed by other people’s insecurities
because I know what I want. Since my childhood my social life has not been
very good, I never made friends very easily, and those who wanted to make
friends with me, most of the time they did it to take advantage of me, and I
cut them off. The same goes with women. I have been in a relationship with
one woman who used me, and when I threw reality into her face, she could
not sustain the relationship. So I cut her off forever, and I have moved on to
other short-lived relationships. But that’s how it is and how is will be with me
forever. I will always have short lived relationships, that’s why I am better off
running around from one woman to another. It makes me happy to be this way,
so if anyone doesn’t like it, then the hell with them.

How is that even possible?

Sure you do. We all do.

Hence the need for therapy. I hear you dude. That you’re bothered that is. What other people project is on them. That it bothers you is what is significant.

You could put a therapist’s kid through college. :wink:

Break ups are tough. I think you’re in the raging scattergun stage.

It’ll get better. :cowboy_hat_face:

How…without committing to a long term relationship? Or are you talking about hook up women? And then…how? :wink:


Isn’t there any laws against this? If not single people should get married and fight back!


You REALLY sound like my gay uncle. He was the most homophobic guy I ever knew… until his wife found a stack of Playgirls in the bedroom closet and the jig was up.

Whatever dude. If you’re happy that’s what’s important. I guess.

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A law against that? I never heard such thing.
What I meant is that the faith community likes
to make single people look bad to a point that
if you are at a certain age and not married, they
will either ostracize you or do and say all kinds
of things to give you a bad name.

I will never be like him that’s damned well sure.
I stand for something. And if you don’t stand for
something, you’ll fall for anything.