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Do you realize how boring it is for me to argue about what I think or believe? I wrote very clearly and I assure you it was quite sincere and pretty much the exact opposite of what you just wrote.

racism, sexism and the rest of the identity politics picnic of ideas do not have a political affinity. Or at least they didn’t used to be. If the progressive left want to look at everything through the lense of sex, race, sexual orientation, religion and every other bigoted category they can think of, thats up to them.

Just don’t expect a pat on the back for your efforts. Plus if that is what you are defending, then you should put your opinion on why you think they are such wonderful ideas out there instead of telling other people what you think they are really thinking.

The law has been clear on what is fair with regards discrimination. One should not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. If the progressive left are now trying to argue we do need in fact need to discriminate on all those factors. You are going to have a hard time convincing me you have the high ground in this debate.


Institutional racism, sexism, and discrimination against people of color in law enforcement and in the US judicial system are a real problem. In order to perpetuate an unjust status quo in their interests, conservative white America trivializes these issues in media by portraying these real problems as ideas manufactured by the progressive left. It’s a tactic to dehumanize their political opponents.

The tone of liberal bashing on this site is lame. Strawman arguments bashing imaginary political opponents such as “SJW”, “libtards”, “socialists” etc go unchecked. Irresponsibly linking these ad hominem attacks, using strawman attacks against imaginary political entities prevents any real discussion of the issues.

The vast majority of progressives aren’t making racism up, nor are they floating identity politics around as a political tactic. The progressive left–whatever that means to you–don’t look at everything through the lens of race, as if they’re reading it into things. They don’t think that way at all. And to claim that somehow this is a non partisan issue and everything is actually equal now is absurd.

Racist non racist memes, denigrating female politicians by reducing them to their gender or ethnicity rather than respecting them for their political accomplishments is par for the course in the political discussions here. This is identity politics. It’s not coming from the left.

Somehow conservative media has done a fantastic job of twisting attempts to combat racism as racist, and woven conspiracy theories meant to convince paranoid whites that in actuality they are the ones being put upon by non existent threats like “PC culture” and “Socialism”, none of which are in any way an actual inconvenience to their lives except in their own minds.

What’s especially ironic about all of this is the same people bashing liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, the boogieman, big government, SJW et al are the same people flaunting TW as exemplary of democratic ideals–while they applaud right wing attacks on the rule of law. Liberals brought you gay rights, civil rights. It wasn’t conservative white America marching on Washington, or boycotting Montgomery buses and if you think “PC culture” is what MLK would object to, its time to go back to square one of your understanding of US history.

If you really believe that unity, equality of opportunity, and democracy are valuable, then stop this BS corporate media canard of trivializing political movements to ensure these things as ‘identity politics’. They’re not a fiction of the left.

If defending a racist status quo is the agenda of the posters here, then own it already.


The problem for me here, is a lack of honesty, inability to reflect and lack of candor.

I can only speak for myself, but of course incidents of racism or sexism should be condemned. But that is not what we are looking at.

For example, take the Covington kids incident recently. White kid with a stupid grin and a stupid MAGA hat. Objectively those kids were on the receiving end of a string of abusive and in some cases racist rhetoric, some of the comments were out and out disgusting. Finally some Indian guy gets in the face of a kid and beats his drum and his reaction is to stand there smirking.

What was the response from the media on the left? It was to try and destroy the kids, calls for them to be doxed or expelled and we are talking about kids here, who were just standing around waiting for a bus. Wall to wall coverage on the news. What have they become? Where is their ability to reflect, take responsibility for their disgusting behavior?

There is none, just move on to their next act of hypocrisy or social lynching. Unfortunately, there can be no meaningful conversation until the far left looks at itself objectively and recognizes in no small part, they too are the problem and they too are creating the extremely toxic environment. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.


What? give me a example of institutional racism, sexism in the US.


(Sigh) Actually she (Iris West Allen, aka Mrs. The Flash) was later revealed to have survived by virtue of actually being a time traveler from the future.

If the Democrats hope to win the presidency in 2020, they better not nominate Bernie or Kamala or anybody like that. (Beto, Biden, and Warren are probably bad picks as well.) And for God’s sake, keep “AOC” out of the public eye.


I agree with your take on Covington, and you’ve correctly identified a case where the far far left is engaging in a toxic form of identity politics. But this is an outlier and not reflective of how the majority of progressives think by any stretch.

Most progressives aren’t buying into some ‘diversity cult’ idea uncritically.


But are we really looking at just the far far left? This was all across virtually every cable channel and newspaper. I can get a list of those who are now being considered for suing if it helps jog your memory. See, this is what I mean by lack of an ability to look objectively and accept responsibility.

But it also highlights the difficulty of having a discussion when one side is set on creating an alternate reality.

Take for example Trumps wish to build a wall. Again not being American the subject really doesn’t affect me except to look at it in an abstract form of argument. I get it will be politically very damaging to him if little to no progress is made on that front, I get that.

But then they go off with statements like “walls are racist” or “walls are immoral” or “walls don’t work”. Ok, now they are just being stupid. Obviously it is more difficult to get over a 30ft wall than a 3ft barbed wire fence. Is my front door racist? They voted for and put up hundreds of miles of wall when Trump wasn’t around.

There are so many examples of a false reality being pushed I think I could go on all day. The annoying part for me is so many people buy into the false reality without the slightest amount of critical thinking I find myself having to explain why water is wet and things like gravity actually exist (ok, those last two are a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea).


At this point, it’s not aboot the top prize anyway. It’s who can rake in the most cash for the DNC to hoard. It’s just a big ponzi scheme.


Is it really possible to treat people equally ? I generally tend to treat people I like, better than those I don’t, whatever “race” , or …they may be. That’s still discrimination though i guess. I discriminate in favor of people I like.


I went through a phase in my life where I believed in equality, and I tried to treat everyone as my equal. It was a fucking disaster. Never again.

Equality is worse than just false. It’s bullshit. Nobody sincerely believes in it, least of all the ones who make the most noise about it.


That’s amazing, thank you for sharing


That’s amazing. I already feel better than you.

You see how that kind of logic works, yeah? :rofl:


I have this fantasy of starting a “Reform KKK” website. (You know, like Reform Judaism?) It would have photos of smiling people from all different races, all wearing KKK robes, but with little rainbows on the sleeves. (I guess we have to leave the hoods off or it doesn’t work.) Think multi-racial college ads. And some kind of marketing line like “Find out about the new KKK!”

Maybe we could find some way to combine the Confederate and (contemporary) South African flags…?


You can hire this Sutton guy as your website editor.


No, no, no–he’s off-message!

Instead of lynchings, how about groups of Reform KKK members gathering outside the homes of black people in order to apologize for racism, and maybe give them flowers or something?


you need a past and future, compare and contrast set of characters


And the robes could be made in China or would have to stay American made? And the Grand Wizard would have to be called “Equal Wizard Person inspirer?”…


And they could hold hands and sing songs like “Ebony and Ivory” or “We are the World.” Hate group? No–love group!


Ebony and Ivory ummm couldn’t that be taken the wrong way ? LoL. And absolutely no statues allowed, there will be nothing to tear down !


I’m picturing something like a cross burning, but with the symbols of every religion so they spell out “coexist”.