Brunch with Booze in Kaohsiung - Where is it?

Now might be a good time to re-read the subject line of the thread if you didn’t realize we’ve been talking about brunch places with booze this whole time.


Growing up in and currently living in the Detroit area, I have always thought that brunch had bloody mary’s and mimosas. Even back when they couldn’t sell alcohol on Sunday mornings, the hotels in the area would have brunch with free champagne/mimosas.


If only all the rest of the billionaires could get lost. Politicians too. Nerds.

You threw me off with “Brunch is boozy.” A boozy brunch, everywhere I’ve lived, is a special, different thing than brunch with 1 drink. :wink: We on the same page now.

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Oxford brought their brunch back last Sunday, though it starts at 3 now and I was the only customer. Clearly there just isn’t a market for brunch with drinks in Kaohsiung outside of, well, me. It sure hit the spot, though.

Of course, several bars (including Oxford) were open early Monday morning for the Super Bowl, so perhaps people were resting and preparing their day-drinking muscles on Sunday.


but was it boozy?

Oxford is a bar. Of course it was!


What options are there?

English breakfast and omelette

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how about mimosas or caesars? maybe not on the menu but could they sort it if you brought the bubbly or they had some tomato juice?

come to think of it, i’ll do a G&T for breakfast, or vodka & OJ

It’s a full bar, order what you want. I had a Bloody Mary and a beer. I didn’t have a mimosa because I’m not a chick.


never met an alcohol i didn’t like, but it helps that i like bubbles and fruit juice!

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Thanks for this, the breakfast is quite nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! Any other customers? Maybe between the two of us we can keep it going. The staff is super friendly there, too.

Nope :rofl: I asked if it gets busy here and the woman (yes, very friendly) says they have a live band/singer in the evening so it picks up.

Oh wait! Two people just walked in!

Not shy with the beans aye.

i was looking for brunch suggestion on my phone and it direct me to this page.

i am a taiwanese and havé worked in sg for more than 6 years. yes !!! i do miss thé WESTERN champagne brunch with bloody marry/gin/mimosa/whisky and wines!

just craving for it so much … and maybe not able to find anywhere except in Taipei.

hm… it’s just not a market yet in Kaohsiung. hopefully there will be one sooner if have more and more foreigner.


Kinda difficult during COVID. Also, it’s the quality of the foreigner… not the quantity. :wink:

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The photo looks nice, I will get there when things get back to normal.