California ... a failed state

Drug cartels exist because drugs are criminalized. Just like speakeasies exist because alcohol was banned. Legalize and decriminalize drugs and the cartels go away.

Why is open border such a bad thing, is the REAL reason not because of drug cartels or whatever, but simply, as some have put it, “cultural harmony of America”, or rather not wanting more brown people in America?

America had open border until they passed the Chinese exclusion act, and that was simply because they had Chinese coming in that worked harder than the Americans. Immigration restriction is as much of a brain child of the eugenics movement as anything else, in fact it was made in conjunction to legalizing eugenics.

No, that’s a nice dog whistle though.

I’ve listened to enough conservatives talk to know the REAL reason for wanting immigration restriction. Everything else is just an excuse. The truth is they simply want to keep brown people out.

Because if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. It’s that simple. Imagine Taiwan with no border controls. It would have been overwhelmed with people from China and ceased to exist as a country a long time ago.

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So Germany is no longer a country? They have open border at least with other EU countries.

China has open border with Taiwan by the way, or rather Xi had decreed that since 2018.

There are lots of reasons not to want an open border, not least that we’re effectively outsourcing our immigration procedures to violent criminal cartels. Accusations of racism on this issue are just an intellectually lazy reflex. Better to find actual racism first.


Taiwan practically have open border with America and all we get is language teachers.

So you can just head back over, then? JK, i know you cant

Dont forget the technology that powers the economy here, mostly designed in the US. How many tech and business people are here? More than none.

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A, that’s tremendously ignorant and b) I’d true, they are failing spectacularly. :laughing:

Americans can come here whenever they want, even if they have harsh criminal records. Taiwan doesn’t care.

Maybe not ask someone with a felony on his or her record, like, hypothetically.

Harsh? Is that a legal term? Sounds like not getting a latte in CA because they ran out of pumpkin spice.

Possession of some item is not, and should not be a felony.

Used to be you had to kill someone to be convicted of a felony, now the goalposts have been moved so much the word has no meaning.

I don’t think you understand the meaning of open borders. Open borders means no border controls. All those language teachers, which you seem to have a problem with, are coming in legally.


Never mind. :whistle:

HD in Cherokee County GA. Sheriff, DA, and Chief Magistrate all Republicans, almost 70% Trump voters. Tell me again that HD locking up tools is the result of local liberals.

It’s warm in NY so ergo it’s warm in Portland.

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right, because corporate policies for various locations of megacorporations vary like the weather. getouttahere! :rofl:

edit: I bet if qss takes pictures of the DeWalt tool cages at his local depot, it’d even be the same style cages. because corporate.

Probably no cages around the guns at Walmart, though🙂.

Probably not - I’d guess behind glass. don’t go to Walmart often,.and the one nearby doesn’t sell guns (sells ammo though).

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