Can you go swimming and just wear a bathing suit?

I have never gone swimming in Taiwan yet.

Is it true that you need to always wear a cap in the water?

I will go swimming at a public pool and I wonder what I should bring.

  1. At a public pool, cap required?
  2. At the beach, just bathing suit?
  3. At a hotel pool, just bathing suit?





Welp, that just about covers it!




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Dual purpose


That went pear shaped quick. But makes me realize the massive sized junk old dudes have in public pools during the week isnt genetically inherited. Oh dear.


If you have a bald head you still must wear a cap? If so why?

Some foreigners have longer (than scalp) and larger amounts of body hair… should foreigners just wear a body suit including cap like the people wear in airports?

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Sometimes My wife has to tell myself this: I’m not sayin it’s reasonable…it’s Taiwan :man_shrugging:


As someone who shaves their head, yup. It’s the rules. Dumb, but whatever.

See also:

Can tw change dumb rules?


I don’t see this one changing for several reasons. One is habit/convention. Like parking rear end first, while there are sometimes good reasons, many times there is no good reason and sometimes there is good reason to park front end first. Another is that in Asia, you get all dressed up in the “uniform” when engaging in sports/hobbies. Look at the hikers all with the fancy boots, poles, etc. when they’re basically just walking on a road, and not necessarily even a steep one. But trust me, things are way worse in Korea and I think also in Japan in this regard. Still another is that those put in charge really enjoy enforcing these stupid rules. There are other reasons I’m sure why the cap rule isn’t going to change any time soon!


I lived in a Taiwanese occupied (2 females) apartment when in Taipei, let me tell you their hair falls out at an alarming rate, I was foreverver sweeping it up.

Any how whats the problem with a cap? like westerners complaing about masks and having riots, Taiwan has done well because of wearing masks.

Seems to me foreigners want what they have at home like spoilt children.


popcorn eating

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Taiwanese like to take the fun out of things. Parties must have a set end time and you must have a reason to do something than just for fun.
I wear my shoes in the apartment and my neighbors do not. Their apartment is filthy and I wet mop the floors weekly. In Thailand, I can have a Bloody Mary by the pool for breakfast and swim without a cap.
I went to a Joss Stone concert a few years ago and when she got a good look at us, she giggled and told us how obedient we appeared.
Don’t get me wrong. I love Taiwan but we aren’t perfect here.


I think I’ve just updated my bucket list. Nice hotel on Koh Samui, go to the pool early, order a bloody mary, then go for a swim capless.


live it up in Thailand be a radical ! Swim with trunks and NO cap !!

Or you could be really radical and swim in Taiwan WITH a cap BUT NO SPEEDO NO NADA :stuck_out_tongue:


I DONT KNOW who invented the speedo and cap thing. When i was growing up in Taiwan it was just regular trunks and NO cap ever required or even seen at a pool.

sorry three replies from the same guy (mostly to himself) is too much. sorry i had to get them in because my bedtime is looming (east bay usa)

sooo a stray thought came to me…as they are wont to do.

San Jose had (no more) some naughty asian cafes run by vietnamese ladies and populated by mostly asian ganstas and gangsa wannabees. So they have scantily clad mostly vietnamese ladies serving tea . Some of these cafes got a reputation for being Topless. For a time it was legal in San Jose (nowhere else around here) and that went on. But it got rowdy as these things do…and the fuzz said OK no more topless.

So I went to one of these places and sure enough the tea lady there (it was a lazy afternoon only a few clients and only one lady serving tea) and i couldnt believe how they were complying with the new No topless order.

She was indeed wearing the top part of a swim suit…but NO BOTTOM part…

I had to do a (long) double take just to make sure my eyes were telling me what I think i was seeing with my mind…or was it the other way round?

(better dump this post in temp ) :slight_smile:


I think I may need to update that list again.

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