Canada Day Celebration moved to Taiwan, China


Although I agree with mist your points in conversation, must say that more language capability is an obvious job requirement here.

On a serious note, air Canada is shut because the staff are assholes, not because they are stinky and ugly, those are simply insults to injury.


When Air Canada was privatised, there was a caveat inserted within its charter that states it must be HQ in Ontario or Quebec. It is not a national airline – it is a protector of Eastern interests. In terms of negotiations, look at Canada`s Open Skies policies the Feds negotiate with foreign carriers. Puts way more preference on opening access with foreign airlines to Toronto or Montreal than Vancouver!!! Air Canada and the Feds working in tandem. To favour the East with tourist dollars at the expense of the West. Just like the government takes Western prosperity and money to prop up poorer eastern provinces. Air Canada favours the East as well in terms of language policy. More language capabilities are important but not necessarily French. It is French because of the political construct that was the reality in 1867 (a French and English speaking nation) but is outdated, especially with Vancouver and much of BC being Asian. I say this as someone with C1 French ability who lives in France.:grin: It is a joke of an airline that kisses dirty Chinese Commie choda in the same way it kisses Eastern poutine ass in Canada.:roll_eyes:

I am not a very nice guy but I worked in this construct for many years and know its rot!


So, AC puts Canadian interests (French language service) ahead of Chinese interests (Chinese language service), yet in the same paragraph, it’s putting Chinese interests ahead of Canadian interests? Fascinating paradox. :cactus:


Language issues, landing rights for airlines, and political recognition are different are they not? I would embrace a move towards less emphasis on French, more Open Skies for Western Canada, etc. while I think everyone thinks toadying to the PRC on Taiwan, China, is rubbish. Can you understand the nuance? :roll_eyes:


Can u understand the irony (of that statement)?


Maybe I am naive but I think it is possible to be like Emirates. Completely free trade on landing rights, multicultural on language issues (rather than favouring two languages in particular), favouring young and attractive service workers and retracting previous China kowtowing. or


Chamber is standing behind their choice, as they should I guess. A lot of non-flobsters are letting them know how they feel.

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UK for the win! This is how it’s done…




Kudos to the UK and Australia for following the US’s lead.