Canadian murdered in Yonghe


I assure you, the Israelis don’t give a shit about him.


It is not a question of giving a shit for a scummy character, but rather ensuring your citizen gets the best possible chance to defend themselves in a court of law. Given the anti-foreigner media/justice system in Taiwan or the mess in the Philippines, I would say both are deficient. The Israelis should have done more.


I agree. He has a right to have a fair Trial. You never know everything until the Fat Lady sings. I hope he is not deemed Guilty before then…thankfully he is not applying to be a Scotus.:wink:


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Has there been any news put out about Bent? Did he confess or has his “story” of what happened been published yet?


I’m glad I don’t go out to eat with you then.


Bent is talking but not the tattoo artist it seems. He is waiting for a case to be built against him i guess and keeping tight lipped about it. The Tw-canadian who bought the knives may know more than he is saying. And may be a participant. He should probably be remanded back into custody .


If Bent is talking, then I would think he’d give police the info on the guy who bought the knives (what’s his name again?). Maybe the guy really wasn’t that involved, or perhaps he has local/gangster connections that Bent doesn’t want to piss off?

Edit: OK, machete buyer was Wu Hsuan.


The weird thing about premeditated murder is why people do it when the conviction rate is so high. You’re highly likely to get caught and punished, so only a complete dumbass would plan one.


Jason Pan for the win!

K-rotty fella, please take note of Mr. Pan’s writing style.


Especially if both you and your victim habitually keep a smartphone pocketed.


Not really as smart as he thinks it is, jail time could just be extended.


They had to add the Canadian angle!:smile:


Yeah wonder what they do with him if he refuses to talk

Is there a time limit for them to build a case against him or they have to let him go?

Is that what he is hoping ?

Or they just keep him till he talks or rots

Considering the fairly strong evidence of murder against him

The wu guy got bail pretty early on meaning they don’t have a lot on him

So far

And have not heard anything from the families of all three

One would think Meyers family will be getting involved in Taiwan too ?


I wonder what kind of legal advice he’s getting. Not admitting to the crime or showing contrition will get him the heaviest possible sentence in Taiwan’s courts.


Especially if he is the one who actually killed the victim

Taiwan is not like the USA where both parties
will get the same sentence
In Taiwan I understand the one who actually did the murder will be more severely dealt with

So if Meyer did the killing as bent says then Meyer may get the more severe punishment

And he’s not talking so the court only has bents side of the story

So he best talk

If nothing else then to put the suspicion on bent doing the actual killing


Define fairly strong.


Indeed. Which is why Taiwan has so many innocent people on death row … or 6 feet under. They are coherced by any means necessary by the cops.


When the cops have not already let them escape :pensive:


Will any Forumosan visit these clowns in jail? I think a Prisoner Visitation Glee Club should be formed. They could sing some Coolio to these idiots.