Canadian murdered in Yonghe


I know most of the people on that thread :anguished:


He’s definitely guilty of several crimes against the English language.


Scary to think he’s teaching English to poor, unsuspecting Taiwanese children.


Including the suspect?


Some love digging up shit about foreigners… Most of them are assholes using false names. Then they get all high and mighty about other foreigners.


Don’t know him but a few mutual friends.


I’m not even sure what’s going on anymore


Shit just got real. :astonished:


Never get a tattoo, keep your hair cut short.

It’s pretty weird that people attacked his home


DangerMouse front and center in that diatribe.


Especially not from a sketchy Israeli dude…


Nobody attacked his home. That was a post from a different case back in May. Jason made several comments on the post saying that family members of the suspect should also be held responsible in the case.


Ok was wondering wth


Do I understand this correctly, some vigilante mob attacked one of the suspects families home ?


No, try reading the thread.



Wow, interesting social media. I hate to say this, but Turton makes a lot of sense at the time!!!:sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: My respect for him outside of political commentary is rising.


There is Straight Outta Compton. But fuck, this is straight out of the Hatikva Quarter. (



Beware of cram school teachers moonlighting as chefs, vegetable connoisseurs, and tattoo groupies.

From the Taiwan News article linked above: Hobbie reportedly has lived in Taiwan for eight years, has two children, and has been teaching English at cram schools during much of his stay in the country. Based on an interview with Taiwanese media in 2015 and his Facebook profile, he also ran a business growing and selling vegetables, and referred to himself as a “chef.”

Interesting. Is this the same dude?:
You also probably wouldn’t guess that Hobbie, who’s 40 but looks and dresses like a scruffy twenty-something college student, is a retired US Army soldier who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. “Chef Jason” makes a point to talk to patrons when he’s free from the kitchen, and his mellow but friendly demeanor only adds to the restaurant’s laid-back charm.